If it is necessary I explain this, the instrument itself is of no value.

dictaphobia – fear of words, usually presenting in fear when more than a certain number of words are juxtaposed.  Derivative forms: dictaphobist, dictaphobic, dictaphobe

egonarcissism – a malady afflicting one such that their love and admiration for their own intelligence and superiority overrides reality.  Endemic among writers, doctors, nurses, real estate agents, lawyers, and music, movie, sports, and political celebrities. Prognosis: chronic.  Rx/Tx: none known/effective. Derivative forms: egonarcissistic, egonarcissia, egonarcissist

itilot – a point of quandary – when one asks is there intelligent life out there?

wordsmithery – the efforts of a word artisan.  A word ‘artisan’ is known to real people as a writer.  Derivative forms: wordsmith, wordsmithing.

(c) S P Wilcenski 2020

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