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Life in Five Minute Segments

Having just given away two full days determining my old laptop defunct and getting a new laptop purchased and configured, I was in a bit of a press to stay current with blog posts. Only foresight at the close of the previous week kept the situation from becoming a full-out panic.  The previous Friday afternoon, sensing things going south with old faithful, I pressed myself to complete and schedule Monday’s blog. Plenty of time, I thought, before Wednesday came due.  Hah!

Wednesday afternoon there were a few remaining pieces of requisite software to re-install, configure, and re-register.  Wednesday’s blog deadline was closing-in, with handwritten notes to be keyed, edited, and posted.  Running ahead of schedule, I’m happy.  Which suggests if I’m behind or even cutting it close, I’m not happy.  I wasn’t happy.

Shortly after five in the afternoon, just as I started to key my notes, the Bossmobile pulled into the driveway.  Yikes!  Later than I thought!  It is my practice to greet the Boss, and carry her briefcase, lunch gear, and whatever else she has up the stairs for her.  The ceremony began. 

As she started up the stairway, she turned and said to me, “If you have time, please look at the tires. The low-pressure warning light just came on.”

Swell.  I’m on deadline and assigned a new “only take a moment” exercise. It went like this:  I backed the Bossmobile out five feet to open the doors to the cabinet under the staircase.  Moved the portable bench out of the way.  Dragged the compressor and tank from beneath the stairs. (The humongous tank is the size of a commercial water heater, capable of running a paint sprayer long enough to repaint the Eiffel Tower on one charge.  It’s on wheels but lacking a mule to help, it’s a lot of weight to manhandle.)  Located one of six pressure gauges. Checked the tires.  36-36-24-34 psi.  Yup.  One was low.

Brought them all to 38 psi. Jumped into and cranked the Bossmobile.  Hmm.  Indicator still burned.  Guess I took faulty reads.  Did it again.  Nope.  All 38 psi.  Cranked the Bossmobile again.  Nope.  Maybe the manual says something about reset delay after amending the pressure?  Nope, but complete instructions for gauges not even on the Bossmobile – airspeed, altitude, magnetic direction, VOR/NDB, IFR/ILS.  Nuts.

Rather than stew over it, I announced I’d let the Bossmobile think about the error of its ways overnight and tend my blog.  Which I did.  After – since I already had the air tank out – checking and topping-off the air pressure on Black Magic, my little practice truck, which came in at 40-40-37-40 psi, amended to 40-40-40-40 psi.

The following morning, Bossmobile electronics determined tire pressures were acceptable.  After the Bossmobile left for the day, I interrupted a keyboard editing session, wrestled the compressor and tank into the staircase cabinet, replaced the bench, and secured the cabinet doors.  Then, back to work.

(From “Life’s Like That” (c) S P Wilcenski 2020)

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