Threadbare and the Three Princes


3 thoughts on “Threadbare and the Three Princes

  1. This is great! As it went along I started picturing it in my head in animated form, sort of like an edgier version of the anachronistic humor in The Flintstones or The Roman Holidays with a faint touch of Fractured Fairytales. I’m on to the next one. You’ve got me hooked now!

    1. Huh, yuh. Like “hooked” is gonna last. Glad you enjoyed it. Some efforts write themselves, especially when a protagonist or narrator breathes. I can see the cartoon, and yes, “Rocky and Bullwinkle” deserve revival. Edward Everett no longer with us, someone has to stand at the ready to explain to today’s youth (and many not-so-youth) exactly what the hell the “real” story is all about. I’d nominate Balladeer, but the man is overbooked now. Miss Walt Kelly too. Thank you, good sir, for your most valuable opinion.

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