This Is Not A Game – October 11, 2020

Politicians’ Rules:

Don’t address an accusation.  Make a counter accusation.

Don’t answer a direct question.  Evade or lie.

Don’t acknowledge a challenge for clarity on a tough issue.  Ignore it.

Were you staring at her chest, Oliver?

Ethel, you bought three pairs of new shoes?

Did you wash your hands, Timmy?

Lie and counter, Oliver. “No.  Were you checking her boyfriend’s buns?”

Deny, Ethel.  “I only brought them home to see if they match the dresses I bought yesterday.

Ignore by changing the subject, Timmy. “Are we having carrots for supper, Momma?”

Yeah.  Repullicans do it.  Demoskanks do it.  That don’t make it right. 

Quoting a FOX report on Biden’s responses when questioned about “packing” the SCOTUS:


Biden, who had opposed court packing in the primary, refused to answer the question on Thursday, saying “you’ll know my position on court-packing the day after the election.”

On Friday, a KTNV reporter asked him again about whether he backs court packing and said:  “This is the number one thing that I’ve been asked about from viewers in the past couple of days.”

“Well you’ve been asked by the viewers who are probably Republicans who don’t want me continuing to talk about what they’re doing to the court right now,” Biden responded

“Well, sir don’t the voters deserve to know…?” reporter Ross DiMattei asked.

“No they don’t…. I’m not gonna play his game, he’d love me to talk about, and I’ve already said something on court packing, he’d love that to be the discussion instead of what he’s doing now,” Biden said, likely referring to President Trump.


See the FOX News story here

Ah, yes.  But that was FOX.  Geeze. 

FOXQUOTE Well, sir don’t the voters deserve to know … ?” ENDFOXQUOTE

Um.  That was, it seems to me, a yes/no question.  Joey replied:


Oops, Joey!  That violates rule number 3 in the Democrat’s “How We Skirt, Deny and Shift Blame” handbook. I bet Kammie and Perilousi had words with you when you got back to the ranch.

The day after the election?  Wowser.  Reckon I know what the Repullicans espouse.  Didn’t say I like all or most of it, but Repullicans are on record.  By action.  It’s semi-transparent.  Unlike over 40 years of thumb-siting.  What this looks like is flat-out hiding. Deliberate murk.  And an insult to a large part of the voting American population.  Oh. Wait. Maybe the truth of the matter is you don’t know what you’ll be told to do.  Yet.

Oh, and Joey, not only would sitting President Trump like you to talk about it, the American people would like you to talk about it.  Actually, many Americans would like to hear you talk honestly about anything.  Too much to ask? Guess so.  So you won’t play his game and you’re not even (by your own demonstrations signaling a lack of direction, a lack of any plan) sure of your own game, I guess there is no game.  Sadly, Joey, it is not a game.

Someone said [Joe Biden] was the Democratic party.  Unh, Joey, that was you.  Yeah.  You said that.  So ball-up and lead your party.  Reference the WSJ article which also notes Joey’s remarks on the same issue and his (the Democrat Party’s) style of communicating on the issues facing America.

That sir, is nothing but blatant disrespect for Americans everywhere.

Nope not a game.  Politicians’ egregious disrespect for voting Americans is appalling.  More disconcerting is that after November, it won’t improve.

End Rant

© S P Wilcenski 2020

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