Radio Babble – May 1, 2021

First, a word from our sponsor [Bright organ music…] ZipFast [End organ, cue soft whirring sounds…] Now back to regular programming XBR1      LA 8,(COMP1)               LA 7,(COMP2)              LMJ 11,FORT1              SSC 3              JNC RET5              LR 14,ADDR              TNE 14,2              JPE RECOMP              AA 14,2              J $+2RET5      SR 15,CALC7 [Cue ominous organ, stalling on final chord…] Inconclusive WhenContinue reading “Radio Babble – May 1, 2021”

Speculative Flash Fiction – March 20, 2021

NSFW for a bit of swearing. Maybe an ugly visual. They is those what like brief.  This is brief, a C-note.  Then you can go about your business. Civilized “We gotta eat something.” “But the goddam thing’s green!  Six legs.  I guess legs.” “Only green outside.  Here, I’ll whack it open.”   [Thwock!] “Ugh! Green insideContinue reading “Speculative Flash Fiction – March 20, 2021”

Evening Update – December 11, 2020

Listening to WXPB… I was tuned-in to the radio side of our local MSM radio-television-web conglomerate yesterday.  Just happened to be trying out a new toy here.  Got a mini recorder so I can ‘dictate’ story ideas instead of scribbling them on a legal pad.  I know, I know, you folks, especially you young whippersnappersContinue reading “Evening Update – December 11, 2020”