Updates – January 20, 2021

Not sure when it happened.  It has been a busy, confused couple of days.  A visitor watched me “relax” in front of a different screen, noodling1 for a word to decompose into a silly bit of wordplay.2  Please recall, I gave up the effort. Harkening back to “Engineering Econ”3 for such as ROI, cost ofContinue reading “Updates – January 20, 2021”

Training Rabbits – January 15, 2021

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com Have to hurry up.  Get this drafted so I can set it aside.  A trip to the feed store is necessary.  If they don’t have what I need, I guess I’ll stop by the grocery to pick up as many heads of lettuce as the produce manager will allow.Continue reading “Training Rabbits – January 15, 2021”

Electron Wastebin – January 4, 2021

Time to get out the whisk broom and dustpan.  Let’s open up the bulging “Wordpress Pending” folder.  If an item looks useable, use it.  If it was ill-conceived when scrubbed from the post it was intended to adorn and still shows no promise, scrap it.  If it’s a complete mystery, leave it in “Pending” anotherContinue reading “Electron Wastebin – January 4, 2021”