In the News – March 28, 2021

Where most of it is destined anyway. Not all the good stuff or even all interesting stuff.  Just stuff that has bees in my bonnet. Middle Tennessee Moan, whine, bellyache.   Yep.  Again.  Or still.  All night long, rain and serious lightning.  Early evening yesterday, I was tending grill, believing the best (worst) of storms doneContinue reading “In the News – March 28, 2021”

More Than Normally Embarrassed – September 14, 2020

More than usual, the actions of some “Americans” have given the country reason to be embarrassed. Two Sheriff’s Deputies in California, as I read every recounting, were ambushed by a lone assailant Saturday.  Last I knew their lives were in peril.  That is bad enough.  Anti-police protestors approached the hospital where the injured deputies wereContinue reading “More Than Normally Embarrassed – September 14, 2020”