MSM Reporting – October 24, 2020

In 1L and 32oz bottles “…and in other news we have a breaking story of national significance.  From the field, our roving reporter, Bill Pointpen, with a live report.  Take it away Bill…” “…Thank you, Wally.  I’m driving with the film crew up Interstate Five toward the small town of Blaine in Washington state. TheContinue reading “MSM Reporting – October 24, 2020”

Redress – for October 19, 2020

Jerrod Winkler, head of the NBA Owners and Players Association, was understandably curious as to why, and more so how, a hodgepodge group of individuals had managed a one-hour slot in his schedule. From the disparate membership roster, he certainly assumed some charitable effort or some social cause the NBA certainly could reap good pressContinue reading “Redress – for October 19, 2020”

L.O.D.D. – September 30, 2020

While I started out to preamble this post with a parody anecdote of a doctor’s visit where I was diagnosed with an ugly but not (generally) fatal disease, something came up to change my mind.  For a little context, I should relate something else that happened about eight or so years ago. I reconnected withContinue reading “L.O.D.D. – September 30, 2020”

Searching for the Cure – August 7, 2020

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, this is Harbin Factminder, here with this week’s edition1 of People Need to Know, brought to you by Azalea Toiletries, who remind you, “You may not look your prettiest, but there’s no reason you can’t smell good.”  “Hold the bottle higher, Harbin!” “I’m on camera, Giselle, you can’t just blurtContinue reading “Searching for the Cure – August 7, 2020”