Peevish – April 30, 2021

Language, innuendo, and curmudgeonry0 This morning I started-off on a bit of a tongue-in-cheek blast at avant guarde “writers” styling themselves after TS Eliot and ee cummings.1 That parody was in the manner of those considering themselves new masters of this style.  You know, completely lacking punctuation, no fixed or rudely discernable form, and loose,Continue reading “Peevish – April 30, 2021”

Gone Too Far – March 15, 2021

Not a rant, kiddies, an observation and opinion. With all the genuine ills of the world it would be swell if a bit of sanity1 plagued us briefly. This morning in my news feed an NYT twit, C M Blow, reportedly declared Pepe Le Pew a rapist, to be banned from cartoons post haste. Blow,Continue reading “Gone Too Far – March 15, 2021”

Heat – January 27, 2021

Often when writing, a character sets to arguing with me about where a piece should go.  Best way to handle that is to excuse myself from the story and slam the editor closed on him/her/it1.  After a cup of coffee or glass of iced tea, I extend my break catching up with world news andContinue reading “Heat – January 27, 2021”

December Already – November 30, 2020

A bit of flash I love this time of year.  Weather constantly reminding nature is preparing to lie down for a nap.  Christmas carols.  Fruitcake.  Waiting on the first snow.  Friends and family. Christmas shopping. I hate this time of year. Crass commercialism.  Crowded schedules.  Relentless requests for donations.  #&$&*@& snow.  Friends and family. Christmas shopping.Continue reading “December Already – November 30, 2020”

Customer Service – November 29, 2020

It has finally happened: “Brrng.  Brrng.  Click.  …For instructions in English, press two…” In my own country, a country where most people speak something akin to English, voice communications in English is relegated to a second or third choice in automated Customer Service systems.  The automated voice assures me: “Your call and your business areContinue reading “Customer Service – November 29, 2020”

Shorthand – September 25, 2020

You might have to look for it, but it’s there: language and innuendo.  Hence NSFW. Now, if you’re so bored, so lacking something to torque your bonnet1 that you are prepared to take umbrage at what follows, get a life!  This is an old guy poking at follies and foibles of a singular aspect ofContinue reading “Shorthand – September 25, 2020”

Incident Management – September 16, 2020

Spoiler: If you are easily offended by language, irreverence, sacrilege, or social innuendo, find a recipe blog to read.  This ain’t something you will be happy reading. I can suggest several good ones to distract you, entertain you, and expand your culinary skills and repertoire.  Written by decent people. The grass is growing like aContinue reading “Incident Management – September 16, 2020”

Behinder and behinder – July 9, 2020

Someone is trying to fool me into believing if there’s a ‘schedule of events’ posted somewhere – on the fridge, on the side of my computer screen, or maybe on a yellow pad chained to my wrist – It might be possible for more to be accomplished in the span of a day. Not likely.Continue reading “Behinder and behinder – July 9, 2020”

Context – July 1, 2020

I am routinely upbraided by two well-intentioned groups of people for my less-than-flattering assessment of literary skills and habits of people today.  My opinion is that as readers we are lazy, complacently accepting generally poor-quality material, and rushed by ill-formulated priorities into preferring sound-bite presentations over substantive reads.  Supporting my detractors’ arguments is the factContinue reading “Context – July 1, 2020”

Delivering on Promises – June 25, 2020

Made good on my promise to add egonarcissism to “Poetry and Lyrics.”  My own suffering with the malady has me thinking I’m cleverly manufacturing new words on a daily basis.  Thought I’d best start writing them down so I can get credit when whoever does dictionary stuff now starts handing out credits for enriching ourContinue reading “Delivering on Promises – June 25, 2020”