Community Service – October 23, 2020

Pickup on line 5… Consulting gigs off for the COVID restrictions and the difficulty of submitting bids, not being able to tour prospects’ current facilities, I’d fairly-well caught-up on household chores and projects.  The yard couldn’t take another mowing.  It shudders when it hears the mower start.  The garden had been cleared, sheep manure spreadContinue reading “Community Service – October 23, 2020”

Once Upon A Time No. 2 – October 21, 2020

Big Bad Got a Bum Rap “Yo, Pete!  Izzat you Pete?  Pete Peters?” “Guilty!”  I turned to see none other than Jacques Benstokk coming out of the High Sheriff’s Tax Assessment and Revenue Collections hut.  I’d unhappily finished my business there thirty minutes before.  Pumpkin farming stinko this year anyway, Chauncy Eldor, one of theContinue reading “Once Upon A Time No. 2 – October 21, 2020”

Ramble Rumblings – October 7, 2020

Playing fair Don’t ask me why, but I give equal time to Democranks and Repullicans.  Curious: I bump into a Democrank who impresses me with what s/he writes or says, they begin to make points with their rationalization.  Not often, now and again.  As if they sense it’s time for the kill, they press onContinue reading “Ramble Rumblings – October 7, 2020”

Unicorns and Powerpoints – October 5, 2020

Many times before, I’ve said, if you have something for whatever reason you cannot do that you dearly want done or that must be done, find someone already far too busy and approach them.  I’ll go on record suggesting you should ask, beg, cajole, connive, threaten, or couch your “need” in a dare to getContinue reading “Unicorns and Powerpoints – October 5, 2020”

Shorthand – September 25, 2020

You might have to look for it, but it’s there: language and innuendo.  Hence NSFW. Now, if you’re so bored, so lacking something to torque your bonnet1 that you are prepared to take umbrage at what follows, get a life!  This is an old guy poking at follies and foibles of a singular aspect ofContinue reading “Shorthand – September 25, 2020”

Compost – September 21, 2020

As much as the title seems to fit – take your pick – the political environment and upcoming elections, wildfires raging1, politicizing what should be the least political of the three branches of national  government, the COVID19 pandemic or nondemic, unsportsmanlike conduct of the most visible professional sports organizations and athletes; but wait, there’s more!Continue reading “Compost – September 21, 2020”

Just Passing Through – August 26, 2020

Site visitor statistics don’t tell me who visits here.  They do report a total of how many people visit by home country.   Statistics are all I see unless a visitor happens to indicate they like a post or page.  Statistics are granular to the blog or page level, but then there is no reference toContinue reading “Just Passing Through – August 26, 2020”

An Exceptional Weekend – August 24, 2020

All things considered this past weekend was exceptional. Weekends afford a relaxed start to the day. Not asleep but lying awake before the alarm worked up the nerve to rudely suggest daytime, tossing some ideas around, several unapproachable ‘problems’ let themselves be paired with reasonably plausible solutions.  Running the risk it was so far inContinue reading “An Exceptional Weekend – August 24, 2020”

I’m an Idiot – August 21, 2020

This is not a rant.  It could be, I just don’t have the steam to put into it today.  If you’ve paid attention, you know my schedule changed dramatically this week to handle computer issues.  Beginning bright and early Monday morning, priorities had to shuffle and slide. Some normal but not essential activities were setContinue reading “I’m an Idiot – August 21, 2020”

See Anything Different? – August 19, 2020

It did in fact happen.  My old laptop struggled to keep going but finally, collapsed gracelessly.  On the last day, during the morning boot, I knew it was over.  I planned a trip to the local PC guru though I felt it really a trip to the coroner’s office for an official pronouncement.  The techContinue reading “See Anything Different? – August 19, 2020”