QAP – November 22, 2020

Men, your women ask you questions.  You should be prepared.  Rehearse your answers.  For your health and well-being.  Let me introduce the QAP method.  First the Question you should prepare for.  Then, the Answer or answers that will improve your chances of survival.   Finally, in the manner of explaining left-handed as opposed to right-handed threads,Continue reading “QAP – November 22, 2020”

Numbers – November 5, 2020

Doing seventy-five on highway one thirty-two,To my thinking, still had ‘bout three hundred miles to do.My quarter tank of gas might make ninety give or take.Was slap out of coffee; looked like time to take a break.Commenced to looking hard; lookin left and lookin right.‘Twas find a station soon Bud, or book it out thatContinue reading “Numbers – November 5, 2020”

Borscht – November 3, 2020

“Eat your soup. Pashka, eat.” “It is too hot, Babushka.” “Hot is good. We go out to the cold after we eat.  Soup!” “Hot.” “Add some cream.  Careful!  Not too much!  Now eat, Pashka.” “I don’t like beets.” “Beets we have.” “Or onions.” “Onions we have too.” ‘How about some chicken, old woman?” “We soldContinue reading “Borscht – November 3, 2020”

Big Dogs, Little Dogs, and Wives – October 31, 2020

A little bit stupid, I don’t fear much.  That may yet be the death of me.  Stuck on principle, I’ve more than once too often told “the man,” “the organization,” “the establishment,” to stuff it into a dark hole.  This little piece of fluff is not about running stupidly into the wind. It is anContinue reading “Big Dogs, Little Dogs, and Wives – October 31, 2020”

Robert Jackson – October 30, 2020

Just two years as Riverton’s baseball coach and Government teacher, I’m learning area lore.  Like every hundred years the Little Indian floods terribly, rearranging its banks.  This spring it cut through school baseball and football fields. For the next hundred years won’t be much baseball or football there. Maybe we’ll be relocated by football season.Continue reading “Robert Jackson – October 30, 2020”

Blue Eyes – October 29, 2020

Thirty-odd years ago, the place was just a bistro. Good Italian food.  Better atmosphere.  Blue Eyes came in.  Alone.  And sad. Though I owned the place, I waited tables, just starting out, you see?  I suggested dinner. She agreed.  We hit it off. For several months she was regular. So was I.  Suddenly, she stoppedContinue reading “Blue Eyes – October 29, 2020”

If Today is Tuesday – October 28, 2020

While tempus fugits Been working on this post for three days.  Best get it out before it goes stale.  What?  I heard that?  Whaddya mean, “Who cares?” Some fellow bloggers1 have been off-and-on kvetching about losing track of the day of the week. Consensus is it’s a symptom of advancing years.  A tempting assumption, butContinue reading “If Today is Tuesday – October 28, 2020”

People Amaze Me – October 27, 2020

Let me first say, “Americans amaze me.”  I’ve not been out of the country in several years. It’s entirely possible citizens of the real (outside the U.S. of A.) world might be breathing the same air that has caused RSOS1 here in the states. Which means they may similarly suffer.  Let’s hope not. What onContinue reading “People Amaze Me – October 27, 2020”

MSM Update – October 26, 2020

SATIRE people, satire. My recent bid to land a position as cub reporter with a prestigious media station out west has been summarily rejected.  That station not “out” west far enough to be the “other” side of the big mountains, it still was a major disappointment.  You’ll recall I recently shared one of their broadcastContinue reading “MSM Update – October 26, 2020”

Autumn Leaves – October 25, 2020

It’s an oak leaf, you dummy. Alert: mouth got away from me.  It’s who I am.  Sub-alert: 976 words. Stimson passed by the yard just as I was putting the last of today’s purloined leaves into the third bag.  I intended later-on to take sample leaves down the street to compare against oaks there toContinue reading “Autumn Leaves – October 25, 2020”