Lunacies – September 28, 2020

You must get government permission to purchase a handgun.  You do not need permission to buy a knife, baseball bat, or brick.  Then… …handguns must be registered.  Knives, baseball bats, bricks, and bathtubs need not be registered. Arrested for carrying a concealed brick?    Just try to conceal a bathtub. What is the required waitingContinue reading “Lunacies – September 28, 2020”

More Than Normally Embarrassed – September 14, 2020

More than usual, the actions of some “Americans” have given the country reason to be embarrassed. Two Sheriff’s Deputies in California, as I read every recounting, were ambushed by a lone assailant Saturday.  Last I knew their lives were in peril.  That is bad enough.  Anti-police protestors approached the hospital where the injured deputies wereContinue reading “More Than Normally Embarrassed – September 14, 2020”