Quarter to Two – December 17, 2020

Originally posted in June of this year to another site, I post here to amuse a mentor I am lead to believe is new to the fun and frolic of electronically enhanced auditory perception. He should have as much fun as I’ve had the last five-plus years. Quarter to Two Archie and I were sittingContinue reading “Quarter to Two – December 17, 2020”

Evening Update – December 11, 2020

Listening to WXPB… I was tuned-in to the radio side of our local MSM radio-television-web conglomerate yesterday.  Just happened to be trying out a new toy here.  Got a mini recorder so I can ‘dictate’ story ideas instead of scribbling them on a legal pad.  I know, I know, you folks, especially you young whippersnappersContinue reading “Evening Update – December 11, 2020”

Back to Work – December 10, 2020

Not enough agitation in your life? Off the spwilcenwrites homepage, in Conversations, “Surrogate Episode V” joins the parade.  Though each ‘episode’ fairly-well stands by itself once you’ve the gist of the underlying thread, I’ve resolved to go back, re-edit and post Episode I, then move forward with remaining episodes in order.  I mean not thatContinue reading “Back to Work – December 10, 2020”

Apologies – December 9, 2020

I hate my therapist.  Sometimes he’s so obtuse. Was there ever a time you should have said, “I’m sorry,” but didn’t?Yes.Were you then?Was I what then?Sorry?No.Why would you say ‘I’m sorry” if you weren’t?To make someone feel better.Can I assume then, there were times you weren’t sorry but said so anyway?Yes.And that made you feelContinue reading “Apologies – December 9, 2020”

Shameless Self-Promotion – December 5, 2020

Checking links on the home page, ran across three pieces of flash I’d like to shamelessly pitch.  Seems to be a thing, shamelessly pitching one’s work, here.  I’ll try not to make it a regular event, but suspect these may be of interest to readers, even casual readers.  I’ll pitch and leave paging-out to you. Continue reading “Shameless Self-Promotion – December 5, 2020”

Customer Service – November 29, 2020

It has finally happened: “Brrng.  Brrng.  Click.  …For instructions in English, press two…” In my own country, a country where most people speak something akin to English, voice communications in English is relegated to a second or third choice in automated Customer Service systems.  The automated voice assures me: “Your call and your business areContinue reading “Customer Service – November 29, 2020”

From the Vault – November 13, 2020

Working two or three pieces that just don’t want to come together, I’m short something to present today.  With a string going in spite of a M/W/F blog commitment, I hate to miss today, Friday and all.  Especially knowing shortly before Thanksgiving I’m going to play hooky for a spell. I looked into the electronicContinue reading “From the Vault – November 13, 2020”

Fluff – November 9, 2020

Working on a major piece which may not make the cut.  I figure it’s a good piece.  It has several things going against it:  (1) I think it’s good. That means for everyone else, it’s a yawner. (2) It’s long. 7K words. No WordPresser I know is going to put up with that.  Fact ofContinue reading “Fluff – November 9, 2020”

Special Edition – November 6, 2020

Behind on my reading of the many fine bloggers I follow and am inspired by, because I was, unh, guess what, writing new stuff, I missed a notice from Hobbo.  It seems he made a mistake and awarded the “Honourable Order of Best Blog Owners” recognition to, um, well, me. Risking this public acknowledgement causingContinue reading “Special Edition – November 6, 2020”

Experts Say – for November 7, 2020

Cynic of the day When I run across an article touting “experts say,” I begin to look askance at the whole of it.  If you must tell me the individual or individuals you’re propagandizing for are ‘experts,’ you just admitted you yourself don’t have complete faith in what you’re going to insult me with.  You’veContinue reading “Experts Say – for November 7, 2020”