Confusions – January 10, 2021

Laying aside stressful concerns Puttering away at mindless but relaxing chores outside in brisk wintery weather is good for me. Mindless chores do take the tiniest bit of attention.  Big issue thoughts are constantly interrupted to pay attention to what I’m doing.  Big issues get lost. The past election.  Stressful.  There’s not much hope forContinue reading “Confusions – January 10, 2021”

Thirty-nine Ford – December 8, 2020

Photo by Chris F on I’m trying to remember.  It must have been nineteen sixty-four.  Surely not sixty-three.  Sixty-three was the year of the assassination.  Also the year an on-again, off-again heartbreak was mostly on.  Ah, youth! That’s fifty-six, fifty-seven years ago?  You can see where the exact date gets cob-webby.  Should an oldContinue reading “Thirty-nine Ford – December 8, 2020”

Turning Tables – December 6, 2020

Language studies “Hand me that bub.”“What?”“Hand me that bub. Imma thow it away.”“Bub?”“That light bub.  Right there.”“Oh! That light bulb!”“Yeh. Whaja think I said, ya dummy?” — Popular advice is not to write accent and brutalizing of the English language.  Supposed to make editors pull hair and toss submissions.  For my money, not attempting toContinue reading “Turning Tables – December 6, 2020”

Service Alert – December 4, 2020

Once again, posts may be undependable through the first of next week.  Figure if FedEx takes pains to keep you aware, it’s the least I can do. Nobody gonna miss anything much, but it makes me feel better thinking someone could, and I got them covered. Something less than a standing ovation Ben Awhile popped-inContinue reading “Service Alert – December 4, 2020”

Bottles, Belts, Buffoons – December 2, 2020

Couple of things on my mind.  You’ll be sorry. Glug, glug vs. sip, sipLadies and their water bottles.  Maybe men too, but I notice them less, though I watch.  Men not so much inclined to drink pinky-finger skyward. Happens mostly when I’m in “observe mode.”  Do that from time to time.  I’m an amateur psychologist,Continue reading “Bottles, Belts, Buffoons – December 2, 2020”

Again I Ramble – December 1, 2020

“To-do”Monday, November 30, December Eve, around 11:30 in the morning, the thermometer registered thirty-seven degrees.  Attacking my Monday to-do list with a vengeance, on one of many shuttles between the kitchen and the garage, I looked out the back door.  Snow. Handsome snow.  Not serious snow, certainly not at thirty-seven degrees.  But snow.  Falling steadily.Continue reading “Again I Ramble – December 1, 2020”

Ramble On – November 25, 2020

This late score just in  Five to three in 11 innings. Annual forestry mystery There are three magnificent maple trees in my corner postage stamp lot.  One in the front, one in the front east side, and one in the rear east side.  Nothing in the back yard which is no more than a stripContinue reading “Ramble On – November 25, 2020”

Insouciance – November 21, 2020

Pretty nifty word, eh?  Ah, but except, it’s not. It means indifference or IDGAS.  Probably 80% of Americans suffer this disease.   Symptoms include an inordinate need for pretty pictures and sound bites to capture and maintain attention, lacking either, a general malaise.  Look for example, at “80%.”  Americans will read that.  It’s quick and easy.Continue reading “Insouciance – November 21, 2020”

And the Winner… – October 9, 2020

I like fluff The results are in. No other conclusion works.  Cotton candy sells.  Don’t offer a balanced plate of good veggies, healthy protein, just enough beneficial fat, and cool, hydrating water. Don’t even try offering a grilled steak, a loaded baker, a smidge of broccoli drizzled with cheese, and a glass of red.  WhatContinue reading “And the Winner… – October 9, 2020”

Compost – September 21, 2020

As much as the title seems to fit – take your pick – the political environment and upcoming elections, wildfires raging1, politicizing what should be the least political of the three branches of national  government, the COVID19 pandemic or nondemic, unsportsmanlike conduct of the most visible professional sports organizations and athletes; but wait, there’s more!Continue reading “Compost – September 21, 2020”