Evening Update – December 11, 2020

Listening to WXPB… I was tuned-in to the radio side of our local MSM radio-television-web conglomerate yesterday.  Just happened to be trying out a new toy here.  Got a mini recorder so I can ‘dictate’ story ideas instead of scribbling them on a legal pad.  I know, I know, you folks, especially you young whippersnappersContinue reading “Evening Update – December 11, 2020”

MSM Update – October 26, 2020

SATIRE people, satire. My recent bid to land a position as cub reporter with a prestigious media station out west has been summarily rejected.  That station not “out” west far enough to be the “other” side of the big mountains, it still was a major disappointment.  You’ll recall I recently shared one of their broadcastContinue reading “MSM Update – October 26, 2020”

MSM Reporting – October 24, 2020

In 1L and 32oz bottles “…and in other news we have a breaking story of national significance.  From the field, our roving reporter, Bill Pointpen, with a live report.  Take it away Bill…” “…Thank you, Wally.  I’m driving with the film crew up Interstate Five toward the small town of Blaine in Washington state. TheContinue reading “MSM Reporting – October 24, 2020”