Circumstances – March 29, 2021

Um, long short flash. Fiction. Purely fiction. Been out of town for about thirty years. Really out of town.  Out of state. Out of the country.  Long enough if I didn’t have friends in high places, I’d have had serious problems getting back into the country. Long enough I’d learned an exotic new language. LearnedContinue reading “Circumstances – March 29, 2021”

Blue Eyes – October 29, 2020

Thirty-odd years ago, the place was just a bistro. Good Italian food.  Better atmosphere.  Blue Eyes came in.  Alone.  And sad. Though I owned the place, I waited tables, just starting out, you see?  I suggested dinner. She agreed.  We hit it off. For several months she was regular. So was I.  Suddenly, she stoppedContinue reading “Blue Eyes – October 29, 2020”