A Cuppa Joe – May 5, 2021

There is a reason I don’t like decaf coffee. And it’s not psychological – that deal where I assume the curmudgeon-stance while bellyaching about how manufacturers, purveyors of victuals especially, can leave components out of something and charge more for it.  Decaf just doesn’t taste like, well, coffee.  Tastes like medicine, unpleasant medicine.  Full octaneContinue reading “A Cuppa Joe – May 5, 2021”

Short and Sweet – May 3, 2021

Pull up a couch. When did you first suspect your shadow disliked you? Late last night I argued with myself.  That’s something of a hobby of mine.  Jokes about “conversation with an intelligent soul” aside, it’s a productive diversion.  Last night’s quandary?  Would I enjoy a bit of insomnia or pass quickly into the armsContinue reading “Short and Sweet – May 3, 2021”

Morning Coffee – November 24, 2020

Insomnia working overtime this morning, I decided what the heck1 – I’d start a pot of coffee.  Too, maybe sit down and noodle-out a few words destined to fulfill my MWF blog commitment.  Golly, maybe even settle down to finally finish the first draft of Midas County. Midas County probably won’t happen because I’m fascinatedContinue reading “Morning Coffee – November 24, 2020”