Social Re-engineering – February 24, 2021

My morning workload should be comfortably abbreviated now that I’ve carefully observed the way life is here on planet Dubyapee.  It took me awhile. I’m slow to learn.  Especially slow when what I see befuddles me because it violates my naïve expectations of people.  As an avowed misanthrope, you’d figure I’d know better.  Most ofContinue reading “Social Re-engineering – February 24, 2021”

I’m Moving to Florida – February 21, 2021

We’ve had some unnatural cold.  With that some also unnatural snow.  With both of them some unnatural problems.  We get winter here.  Just not “Ah, it’s winter; get out your snowblower, tire chains, and longies.” The metro area doesn’t own snowplows.  One or two salt trucks, used for salting overpasses and freeway exchanges for theContinue reading “I’m Moving to Florida – February 21, 2021”