Fluff – November 9, 2020

Working on a major piece which may not make the cut.  I figure it’s a good piece.  It has several things going against it:  (1) I think it’s good. That means for everyone else, it’s a yawner. (2) It’s long. 7K words. No WordPresser I know is going to put up with that.  Fact ofContinue reading “Fluff – November 9, 2020”

Leadfoot – November 4, 2020

“So, Shooter! First day of second grade tomorrow!  Excited?” “Not really, Daddy.” “Aw, you’ll like it.” “Daddy?” “Son?” “How fast is Momma allowed to drive?” “Fast as she needs, I guess.” “That’s what Momma shoulda told the police lady this afternoon.” “What?” “She asked Momma did she know how fast she was going.” “What’d MommaContinue reading “Leadfoot – November 4, 2020”

If Today is Tuesday – October 28, 2020

While tempus fugits Been working on this post for three days.  Best get it out before it goes stale.  What?  I heard that?  Whaddya mean, “Who cares?” Some fellow bloggers1 have been off-and-on kvetching about losing track of the day of the week. Consensus is it’s a symptom of advancing years.  A tempting assumption, butContinue reading “If Today is Tuesday – October 28, 2020”

Incident Management – September 16, 2020

Spoiler: If you are easily offended by language, irreverence, sacrilege, or social innuendo, find a recipe blog to read.  This ain’t something you will be happy reading. I can suggest several good ones to distract you, entertain you, and expand your culinary skills and repertoire.  Written by decent people. The grass is growing like aContinue reading “Incident Management – September 16, 2020”

Searching for the Cure – August 7, 2020

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, this is Harbin Factminder, here with this week’s edition1 of People Need to Know, brought to you by Azalea Toiletries, who remind you, “You may not look your prettiest, but there’s no reason you can’t smell good.”  “Hold the bottle higher, Harbin!” “I’m on camera, Giselle, you can’t just blurtContinue reading “Searching for the Cure – August 7, 2020”

Humor – July 27, 2020

Relatively new to this blog business, I’m still looking for my niche.  Something to settle into.  So my many, many followers (both of them) can rely on a specific delivery and move along to something else when they are not in the mood for my brand of whatever it is I settle upon. The fieldContinue reading “Humor – July 27, 2020”

*Bananas are Vitamin B, Right? – July 7, 2020

Not what I’d intended for today, and relevant to nothing, I’m tired of bananas.  I’ve had five today.  So far.  If I eat another one today, I’ll go bonkers or grow a prehensile tail. Bought bananas late last week.  The boss had been on a banana tear.  Good.  Bananas are loaded with Vitamin B, right,Continue reading “*Bananas are Vitamin B, Right? – July 7, 2020”

Before the icepack – June 30, 2020

What bubbles-up in the old codger this evening is more a rant than a blog.  None of the three folks following me deserve suffering through a rant.  They know I’m capable, and two have suggested I’m not happy unless I’m tearing into something.  Superficially that may be arguable, but I like sunshine.  If anyone wereContinue reading “Before the icepack – June 30, 2020”

Insomnia – June 27, 2020

No post yesterday.  What I had to say was less than trivial. Perhaps a few moments researching “trivial” would be a good investment.  When work on this apology is completed, that might occupy a few minutes.  Put it another way, what I had to say yesterday was such poor quality, it didn’t even interest me.Continue reading “Insomnia – June 27, 2020”

Delivering on Promises – June 25, 2020

Made good on my promise to add egonarcissism to “Poetry and Lyrics.”  My own suffering with the malady has me thinking I’m cleverly manufacturing new words on a daily basis.  Thought I’d best start writing them down so I can get credit when whoever does dictionary stuff now starts handing out credits for enriching ourContinue reading “Delivering on Promises – June 25, 2020”