At A Loss – March 4, 2021

Recycle, recycle, recycle. Dunno where to go.  Readers need my rambling to have something that makes everything else seem better by comparison. Started off on a rant.  Was a good one too.  One of my faves.  The gender/sex/undecided thing.  Determined a lot of difficulty or controversy is because those who love to feel themselves theContinue reading “At A Loss – March 4, 2021”

Perfect – October 1, 2020

NSFW: Language, innuendo. ageism. “How do you identify yourself?” asked the young lady reading the health profile questions to me, obviously concerned that not of her generation, I might be unable to read or understand the complex medical questions. She waited upon my reply, ballpoint pen at the ready to record my answer.  If, thatContinue reading “Perfect – October 1, 2020”

Humor – July 27, 2020

Relatively new to this blog business, I’m still looking for my niche.  Something to settle into.  So my many, many followers (both of them) can rely on a specific delivery and move along to something else when they are not in the mood for my brand of whatever it is I settle upon. The fieldContinue reading “Humor – July 27, 2020”

M vs. F – July 2, 2020

A bit of off-hand humor this evening.  Certainly, you can topsy-turvy this, swapping roles.  A conversation between my lovely and I would likely go thus… Would you like Chinese tonight? is a true/false, a yes/no question.  There is no “maybe.”  It’s not multiple choice, it’s not essay.  Think. Choose. The pain of commitment will heal. Continue reading “M vs. F – July 2, 2020”