Hunting Dinosaurs – April 26, 2021

Photo by Mike on Approaching the quarry Stalking dinosaurs is not so much a challenge.  When one of the larger beasts hears you, it takes five minutes for it to locate from which direction sounds you made came.  By then, and knowing this, you have moved to a new location.  Serendipity might have aContinue reading “Hunting Dinosaurs – April 26, 2021”

Science Corner – February 12, 2021

Photo by ThisIsEngineering on Satire, kiddies, satire! Photo by Ylanite Koppens on Why do onions make me cry? Let us first assume you mean “why do onions make me cry when I peel or slice them?”  Onions are not openly aggressive, rude, vulgar, or generally psychologically abusive.  Right?  An onion would not makeContinue reading “Science Corner – February 12, 2021”

Schedules and Popcorn – August 31, 2020

It’s always been a thought that I’m not entirely normal.  Sure, no one is ‘entirely’ ‘normal.’  But don’t you at times suspect you are a little more off-center than everyone around you? Popcorn.  A house guest and the Boss enjoyed popcorn while amusing themselves with a video bowling session.  I make good popcorn.  Because IContinue reading “Schedules and Popcorn – August 31, 2020”