Groceries – October 16, 2020

Once again, it was time to trip to the local chain grocery to resupply. Not critical.  Just routine, so as not to “suddenly” be out of flour, sugar, coffee, or such.  And fresh veggies.  Limited shelf life, you know, necessitating trips to the grocery every week to ten days, those veggies. A year or soContinue reading “Groceries – October 16, 2020”

A Blog, Eh? – September 23, 2020

A piece of flash – Lenny was due on post. Packing his gear instead, he said Cap cut orders putting him on the transport waiting on the apron.  I reminded Lenny leaving this hell hole was a good thing.  He said it wasn’t and bummed a smoke.  His hands shook like Colorado Aspen in Autumn.Continue reading “A Blog, Eh? – September 23, 2020”