Odds & Ends – January 7, 2021

Sidetracked Looking for a piece born, kicked around, and rejected sometime between May and June of last year, I stumbled across a piece I published on another site.  Wandering around the archives, I often get lost that way.  There’s not a thumb big enough to hold my place while I explore things unrelated to theContinue reading “Odds & Ends – January 7, 2021”

Editing and Correcting – July 8, 2020

Day before yesterday’s post was something of a lesson. A lesson in editing.  Here’s the deal: I proofed no less than four times.  Had Word “read” it to me multiple times.  Asked Word to “edit” repeatedly.  Left the editor window open so it kept laughing at me as I typed and edited.  Word is lookingContinue reading “Editing and Correcting – July 8, 2020”