Late In From Tulsa – December 25, 2020

              For the season, a short story for a holiday capable of evoking so many memories: bitter, sweet, and bittersweet.  For those who fancy a brief read, this is a stretch at just over $8.00 and change.               Merry Christmas to you all.  Whether you read on or not. Late in From Tulsa Understand this began earlyContinue reading “Late In From Tulsa – December 25, 2020”

Beg Pardon? – December 3, 2020

Stupid things we say “Shoot me an email.”   Is it email season already?  Sure.  Soon as I see one, I’ll shoot it for ya. “We should have lunch one day.”  No, um, we’d stand a better chance of having a baby.  I’m not up for that either, thank you. I’m a hapless idiot, huh?” ShouldContinue reading “Beg Pardon? – December 3, 2020”

December Already – November 30, 2020

A bit of flash I love this time of year.  Weather constantly reminding nature is preparing to lie down for a nap.  Christmas carols.  Fruitcake.  Waiting on the first snow.  Friends and family. Christmas shopping. I hate this time of year. Crass commercialism.  Crowded schedules.  Relentless requests for donations.  #&$&*@& snow.  Friends and family. Christmas shopping.Continue reading “December Already – November 30, 2020”

Dream Influence – July 15, 2020

People ask me what inspires my writing.  Okay. One person did ask.  Alright, I myself sometimes wonder.  Certainly not bad oats for breakfast. The answer covering most instances is that I observe people and take notes.  Now and again, however, a dream will suggest a theme, plotline, or a snatch of humor.  Maybe not aContinue reading “Dream Influence – July 15, 2020”