How to Read a Blogger – March 30, 2021

You mean, ‘How to read a blog’ don’t you? No.  It stands as titled: How to read a blogger. A blogger of any real skill puts more into a blog than words.  You may feel you feast simply on the words written, but there’s more to it than that.  Understanding this maximizes your enjoyment, education,Continue reading “How to Read a Blogger – March 30, 2021”

I Salute You – March 18, 2021

There are WP posters out there standing head-and-shoulders above me.  They are not bloggers as I view bloggers in the “traditional” sense. These are creative writers.  Each usually has a specialty.  As a rule, they are talented far beyond a single genre, eclectic. Let me back-up. I see a “traditional” blogger1 as a stream ofContinue reading “I Salute You – March 18, 2021”