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  1. I found the initial thrill of travel soon wore off. As I got more experienced, I used to have clauses put into contracts about “mutual agreement”. Once that was in, I just didn’t agree to anything involving travel.
    But my first trips to the US, way back in the 90s, were on that basis – I was working on encryption and US export restrictions meant the work had to be performed in the USA.

    1. Cool. As a mil guy, there was no such “option.” As a civilian consultant, the customer pays freight, so chooses the locomotive. I was good, but wasn’t so good I could dictate terms like that often. Bumper obviously that good, AND a sharper dude. Thanks for your time, sir.

  2. Travel soon loses its novelty value. I’m a bit of a technophobe so didn’t entirely understand the whole of this, but I enjoyed exercising the finger muscles!

    1. Substitute radar repairman for computer jock. Or TV repairman. As a youngster, Dad career navy and later in my mil service, I lived, it seemed out of suitcases and duffles. Yupper. I grew to hate it, especially in closing years when I was riding jets twice a week on thousand-mile commutes. Bread/table. Appreciate your audience and your thoughts. Fingers: one-two, one-two, deep breath, one-two, one-two…

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