Reduced Staff

“Ms. Jacobs, we’ve heard rumors here at the branch.”

“I know, Rob.”

“Any truth to them?”

“Yes.  Corporate told each region to cut seven-hundred-fifty thousand dollars annual salary.”

“That’s what, fifteen people across four branches?”

“It’d be seventeen, actually.”

“Then you’ve decided?”

“Yes.  Had to make Corporate guarantee my plan as regional VP first.”

“When will you announce cuts?”

“Email goes to branch managers in an hour.”

“You’re here because?”

“Always considered this branch my home office, you know.”

“You have me worried.”

“No need, Rob.”

“Then you’ll make announcements here?”

“Leave that to you.”

“Who gets the axe?”


© S P Wilcenski 2020
With a nod to NS of CMC

2 thoughts on “Reduced Staff

    1. This one based on an actual incident. Didn’t go down exactly that way, but hanged- near. There are people like that. They exist. I’ve seen them. I try to follow the example, but it is difficult, it really is. Bet you have, too.

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