That’s My Stomach Rumbling – October 8, 2020

NSFW: Language, social innuendo

This, the day after the Vice Presidential Debate.

Well If Anybody

Twenty-fifth Amendment, huh?  Well by golly, if anybody is qualified to assess sanity, it sure ought to be Pelosi.  I mean since she’s on the inside looking out.  Or to put it in the schoolyard playground terms I so often equate to the mature style and responsible content showcased by politicians, especially Congress, “It takes one to know one!”

Which is not fair, because there are some late elementary school children whose opinions and judgement I would prefer over those of most anyone in Congress.  Certainly prefer the children’s opinions over those of deranged and erratic Pelosi. 

I’m listening.  Time for a serious response. Why would any Democrat put up with such a poor example of common sense and stability in a position of party and national responsibility?  Is this the best the Democrats have to offer? Why have they not within the house, taken steps to remove this broken piece of furniture from their living room? 

Night before last

Upset before the carnival started, by the time the (apparently) leftist moderator closed the midway, I was again thoroughly disgusted.  Mikey obviously did not watch the first debate.  Had some trouble showing respect for time-limitations and lacked the decency to save rebuts for his turn.

Yeah, some of that on both sides of the stage.  Had Mikey shown restraint though, Kammie would have come across even more of a condescending bitch.

Speaking of decency.  What is it with Democrat candidates they think they fool anyone when they smirk like idiots and shake their heads like bobble dolls when someone says something they disagree with, especially if what is “funny” pinches their shorts and exposes a boldface lie? 

I’m not even going to suggest there weren’t lies enough during that debacle (doesn’t warrant being called a “debate”) from both sides there wasn’t legitimate occasion for headshaking and disgusted frowns in the audience.  In the audience, not on the podium. 

The participants’ job, their only job, was to make it clear why their party’s plans and promises for the next four years are best for America.  Instead, we were entertained with lies, half-truths, and imputed accusations. Sprinkled liberally (excuse me) with evasion and blatant pandering.

I commend neither one of the participants. I am, to say it again, disgusted.  As election day draws near, once again we have a best-of-the-worst choice in front of us. 

As bad as the two spending the most time emulating Pinocchio were, the moderator should be embarrassed.  Shamed.  Leave the public eye.  While she did not always side with the socialist equal rights advocate sporting a glorious record of persecuting the very segment of society she now “champions,” if not the moderator’s politics, perhaps her gender clouded her neutrality.

Kammie blew it, according to Politifact (Lewis Jacobsen) – see the link below.  Looks like she analyzed the “facts” about Lincoln’s non-nomination to SCOTUS in 1864.  Did so in Democratic fashion, skewing truth ever so slightly, and getting away with ridiculing her opponent in the process.  Shame.

Mikey?  Sometimes, dude, when you’re asked a yes/no question, best to answer the question simply “yes” or “no.”  Then use the balance of your time to justify.  Skating around the answer first suggests, well, suggests you’re skating around the answer. Second, often, trying to justify suggests lack of faith in your answer.  Third, six of us out here respect someone who has the balls to tell the truth straight-out.  Sometimes, sir, while his boss looks on.  Teach the boss a lesson.

Clean that up

“Biff!  Clean up that mess there.  It smells like shit!”

“I’ll put some of this on it.  That oughta do it.”

“No!  Just clean it up!”

“No man, watch.  This’ll work.”

“That’s worse!  What is that?”

“New and improved same old shit.”



I’ve grumbled.  That’s not thunder.  That’s my stomach. I dunno if it’s the bile or if it’s really time for lunch. 

Kamala Harris jumped to conclusions about Abraham Lincoln’s delayed Supreme Court nomination

End rant © SPWilcenski 2020

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