Pigs, Pigeons, and Parenting – September 7, 2020

 ** Spoiler ** NSFW: Language, and maybe, philosophy **

“Never wrestle a pig on his home field.  The pig loves it, and you’ll just get muddy.”1

“Arguing with idiots is like playing chess with pigeons.  The pigeons knock over all the pieces, shit on the board, then strut around like they won.”2

These expressions are sadly descriptive of our society today.  “How on earth do you mean?” you ask.

I’ve seen some crackerjack mothers.  Women who handle unruly children so adroitly they should be made governor or president3.  Not talking about the mother who, when little Jimmy throws himself on the floor to pitch his tantrum, either stands silently and lets the tantrum entertain everyone within one-hundred yards, or commences her mantra of “Now, Jimmy, I’m going to count to three…”

I’m talking about the woman who when little Jimmy goes astray, before he determines to pitch a hissy-fit to force an issue (read: “get his way”), grabs the little shit by one ear clamped between thumb and forefinger, lifts him off his feet, pulls him up close face-to-face, and thus having his attention, explains to him without raising her voice what is going to take place in such a way Jimmy does some growing-up, sees the error of his thinking, and gives Momma his undivided, silent, and willing attention.

A lot of social behavior we see now is because children were not properly toilet trained.  Women like the last one described were off doing something other than teaching a lot of Jimmies.  There were fathers pretty adept at inculcating right-and-wrong, not so much ear-pullers as butt-pounders. But they were off somewhere I cannot imagine. Children missing the guidance of those kinds of mom and pop, as adults (?) now do not understand basic rules of society and have no respect for the lives and property of others governed by the rules of society and common sense.  Not even gonna bring morality or religion into it. 

Do you really want me to enumerate the kinds of adults, former Jimmies, I’m talking about?  Overpaid, over-egoed professional athletes.  Hollywood personalities.  Politicians on every point of the political spectrum.  XYZ-matterers.  XYZ-don’t-matterers. Purple-supremacists.  Green supremacists.  Tree-huggers.  Tree haters.  Glomal Warning is a hoaxers.  Glomal Warning is the signal of end-timers.

One bad habit they all share is that once they mount their soapbox, any argument anyone who doesn’t agree with them has is lies, lies, lies, which is okay because they’ll likely not get an opportunity to present those arguments anyway.

Another common habit is if you in any way restrain their liberties, or, and here’s the kicker, if they think you’ve restrained their liberties, the best way to seek redress as far as they are concerned is to burn your house down, damn your police, and deny you not only the liberty they feel denied them but every other liberty.  Like the freedom to sleep at night not wishing you had an AR15 to greet brick carrying trick-or-treaters approaching your door.  Like the freedom to assume some purple people might just be decent people.

There are some things that need fixing.  There are better ways to go about it.

You cannot prove to me that pissed that your team did not win the Transunion Cup, you need to get a few buds, cruise downtown, set random buildings and vehicles on fire, and then do some shopping for tennis shoes and television sets with your brick charge cards.  Explain to me how anyone benefits when, because you feel your rights have been violated, you are free to violate everyone else’s.  If nothing else, geniuses, realize if it had been a tie contest to this point, you just drove some of your sympathizers to the other camp because you can’t be trusted, can’t think logically, and they fear the next victim of your violence will be them.  Realize too, boys and girls, that these people, formerly of your camp, nearly as insane as you, are unpredictably violent and may do you before you have opportunity to do them.

The most effective way to bring about change is not to burn and bulldoze.  Working with and within the rules, change the rules, then everyone has no choice but to follow those improved rules or leave to a place with different rules they can live with.

Do not expect me to believe your dissatisfaction with law enforcement, predicated on unsubstantiated rumor, entitles you to take a weapon – knife, pistol, rifle, Molotov cocktail, baseball bat, or whatever – and seek and take opportunities to use those weapons on people you do not know, cannot know, and who probably are guilty of nothing more than being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

When you make it your “way” to ends to burn and destroy, do not be surprised when your rights and anything else you value are burned and destroyed.  Violence breeds violence.  Calm and sensibility seem at present to be sterile.

1 Quote Investigator (https://quoteinvestigator.com) suggests this is not attributable to Mark Twain, Abraham Lincoln, or G B Shaw. A case is made documenting various forms, all that I consider close enough to be the real root of later-day meme-masters going back to J Frank Condon in 1872.  If you are really hot for accuracy, I invite you to visit Quote Investigator yourself.  You’ll get lost there.  See you in a couple of weeks…

2 After reasonable research I was unable to determine who originated this quote in any one of its myriad forms.  Every reputable reference suggests it was that English philosopher Annon E Mouse. That’s probably correct as every staid use of any variation I’ve found displays the sentiment without quotation, suggesting it was in fact A E Mouse.

3 I’m working from a position of weakness here.  I live in the USofA, not Great Britain, Italy, Scotland, Australia, or some other fine country.  Translate ‘governor’ or ‘president’ to your own governmental positions.

End rant

© S P Wilcenski 2020

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