“If you’re not busy, could you do something for me?”

“I’m plotting.”

“Against who? Your brother?  What’s his latest goofy prank?”


“Then who?  McElroy again? Won’t you two ever grow up?”


“Ah, for Pete’s sake, who’s stepped on your chain this time?”

“Plotting a story.”

“Oh.  That. Why don’t you get another hobby? Or take a long walk with Clutch?”


“Get another hobby? Or walk with Clutch?”


“Clutch needs the exercise.  The horses are tired of his wanting to race around the pasture.”


“Writing seems to disappoint you lately.”

“Okay.  What’d you want me to do?”

“I wish my potting shed were a little bigger. Maybe a greenhouse on the south side?”

“Clutch! Here boy!”

© SP Wilcenski 2020
Originally on Prose 6/11/2020

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