Observations and Anecdotes

What you find here are pieces that don’t behave well in the confines of “Milestones,” “Conversations,” “Flash Fiction,” “Poetry and Lyrics,” “Short Stories,” “Life’s Like That,” or narrowly-defined groupings like “Metaphor,” “Novellas,” or even “Rants.”

While largely fiction or life-vignettes painted with a broad brush of satire and tints of absurdity, these pieces are not “stories” per se; they are not based on conversations scribbled by the author leaving the audience to fill in blanks; they are not poetry of any form; and they are not nostalgic or sentimental reflections of place you and I fancy we have been, or might like to be.

These doobers just don’t fit anywhere else. Mind you, Espy wrote them, so they are like as not NSFW, and in the heat of the moment, Espy may forget to warn they are and why.

“Clutch” Chronicles

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