Presently all novellas are in-progress.  This is opened to 1) goad me into writing more (notice, I didn’t say ‘faster’) and 2) to see if there’s any interest that would suggest completing one title before the others.

Midas County

A frantic call reporting a “baby in the well” begins unravelling the tale of secrets going back to a stolen shipment of gold in the late 1800’s – gold that as yet, as far as anyone knows, has not been recovered.  Greed-driven intrigue runs from the east coast to Arizona (we are led to assume) as Midas County’s sheriff narrates events.

Silver Moon

A tragic gunslinger romance with saloon belles, a sad, handsome hero, randy sidekicks, and enough genuinely despicable desperadoes to amuse for an hour or two’s casual reading.


Still deciding whether it needs to be a stage play or a novella, this speculative piece about curious powers caused by eating an unidentifiable volunteer fruit, narrated by a loveable curmudgeon recounts events of mild mystery, humorous happenings, and pitiful police work.  The stage presentation is so unique, its insistence on co-completion with the novella slows delivery.

Six Short a Dozen

Yeah, there’s six of them and as much as they’d like to, they can’t keep from interfering in minor mysterious tragedies that interrupt their retirements.

West of the Pecos

Bumbling buckaroos in search of a legitimate plot line.

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