Molehills and Mountains

[Remembered there was something I needed to chat with Clutch about…]



“Leave that squirrel alone!”

“She’s in the garden!”

“You can tell?”

“So can you. You see the squirrel, right?”


“You can’t tell?”


“You do need lessons.”

“Let her be.”

“I said she’s in the garden!”

“She’s planting walnuts, not eating cabbage.”

“Yeah, but you told me…”

“Come with me.  I want to show you something.”

“Okay.  Listen. While we’re walking, I got a question.”

“I’m all ears.”

“Not you’re not.”

“Means I’m listening.”

“Okay.  All this prejudice and whatever?”


“Ended up in riots?”

“Some places.”

“Was is justified?”

“Yes and no.”

“Would you stop talking in riddles?”

“See it started out, most cases peaceably.”

“That’s not a riot as I understand it.”

“Then, well there were some ‘bad dogs’ there.”

“Which side?

“Does it matter?”

“I dunno.  So how’d it get to be a riot?”

“Bad dogs decided it would be a good time to punish or destroy and steal.”


“Human nature. One thing leads to another.  Feels right to yell and shake fists.  Next thing you know you’re breaking noses and choking, or breaking windows and burning things… ”

“Really gotta work on that.”


“You want Sinbad, Fester, Pierre, Luther and I to get after your bad dogs?”

“And Arbuckle?”

“If he’s not busy.”

“Would help. But no.  You can’t really tell who the good dogs are, and who the bad.  Besides, I think highly of you guys.  Worry for your safety.  Say, here we are.”

“This what you wanted to show me?”



“This hole.  Here.”


“By the gate.”

“Um.  Yeah, listen…”

“You do that?”

“Unh, yeah.  See, there was this mole…”

“No more of that!”

“But, the mole, you give them one little tunnel, next thing you know they build this mountain right in your asparagus…”

“No more.  Got it?”

“Yunh. Okay.”

“Go finish business with the squirrel.”

“Yeah, she’s laughing at us.  What you gonna do?”

“Fill in this hole.”

Clutch is probably smarter than I am.  Circumstance and timing make him ‘Clutch,” and me ‘Espie.’

[Clutch and I tended business.  Our own business.]

© SP Wilcenski 2020
Originally on Prose 6/24/2020

3 thoughts on “Molehills and Mountains

  1. When you’re a kid you always want to know who are the good guys and who are the bad guys. It’s only later that you realise we all have the potential to be both. People are predominately, but not exclusively one or the other.

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