Thirty-odd years ago, circumstances pulled Ronnie Bart from college, swapping his hopes for a journalist’s career for the grit and gristle of life running his family’s ranch.  For a fortieth anniversary surprise, Ronnie commissioned a Denver artist to capture the country his wife loved on canvas.  Otherwise inconvenient if not impossible, Ronnie arranged the transaction using email, starting a “conversation” lasting more than a year.  For whatever reason, Ronnie stuffed records of the conversation into a desk drawer.

Veterinarian Doc Jensen, Ronnie’s almost life-long friend, discovered and introduced that conversation.  More than records of the painting’s commission and anticipation of its delivery, it’s a forty-year glimpse into everyday ranch life and the personalities and places around Ronnie as he saw and understood them.  His delivery, anecdotally factual, peppered with observation and wry analysis, suggests journalism missed a unique if not talented professional.  His notes are all we have.

Part 1 – Anniversary    34 Chapters ~105,000 words, 265 pages

Part 2 – Snow              33 chapters ~108,000 words, 271 pages

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