Horse Show


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      1. And but of course, you know, a LOT of editing goes on in my posts. I am at peril most days anyway from the stronger sex but I would have it no other way. Catch you later.

  1. Back when I was WAY younger (and probably better looking) I used to hang around a nude pond north of Stinson’s Beach (and north of Dogtown, I think). One day one of those nude young girls with the nice derrières came riding up. After we talked awhile and I professed having never ridden a horse, she offered me a ride. On the horse. behind her. It’s a memory I will fondly take to the grave.

    1. Dude! My dad, rest his soul, was my probation officer. If you don’t think that was a tough road! He never missed an opportunity to embarrass me with a tale about my going to break up a rock quarry midnight swimming party that was disturbing neighbors. Flower children, music, weed, and a rookie cop. Yeah. Same kind of thing, but a whole lot more restrained. We have our memories. Thanks for stopping by. Pleasant dreams. No disrespect to SWMBO.

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