9 thoughts on “Heartbeat

    1. My protagonist smitten, had a different view. It was his impression, so I can’t argue with him. That’s what I like about writing fiction. Once a character breathes, my alter-ego has little say about things. I have a piece, an attempt at trashy romance from a fem POV that really got my ears pounded. Above that, it taught me, even women don’t understand women. Thank you Grand Master, for your insight.

  1. Fantastic read! I loved this. It was like something from Hammett. You have a definite talent for flash fiction given how you construct a world that feels lived-in in just a few words. I’m looking forward to even more like this one!

    1. Aw shucks! Thanks for the opine. That, coming from The Balladeer is praise enough to give me pause. I am, however, now in “Arc and Gas 341.” Pretty excited about that too.

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