A little reminder…

“Conversations” often crosses the line into NSFW. People talk, and it’s not always, “Golly, Bubba!” or, “Jeepers, Emily!” and such.  Writers write what they know: you’d wonder if I ate a lot of bar soap as a kid. Not really.  Soap was an expensive commodity, so I suffered more than one trip to the woodshed, which is not a great way to encourage building a snazzy vocabulary. The message kind of gets lost in the moment.

Conversation posts

“You know, what I should have said to the insufferable snot was…”  You’ve been there, right? “Conversations” includes snappy rebuttals that never occurred until two or three minutes too late. It also includes entire conversations between two or more people built around observation of human nature, odd exchanges between insanely different personalities, frustration with societal rules and missing rules, and pure moments of insanity (on my part).  I do offer that more than one was an attempt to address a serious problem, question, or issue.  It’s up to you to discover which those might be.

For occasionally poking fun at segments of society, “Conversations” is routinely NSFW.  Obesity, slovenliness, gender, youth and age, bigotry, radicalism, politics, and religiosity head the list of not-off-limits touchpoints.  If you really take offense when your manner of dress is belittled, don’t wander through “Conversations.”  There is not enough time to preface or catalog classes of folk who might consider each piece offensive. Then, any piece might poke at more than one, um, ah, personal trait.  You have been warned.

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