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More than five years ago, I was still inclined to smoke a good cigar to celebrate significant accomplishments.  Now and again, of course, just getting through the day was a significant accomplishment.  On better days, knowing there was a good bottle of Irish whiskey at home, it didn’t promise rain, and there was wind enough to discourage mosquitoes, that was accomplishment enough.  Whether I had a hand in any of it or not. 

Having a good Irish on hand, I did have some part in.

A celebratory good cigar was so rare, I didn’t keep cigars on hand.  When it was time, there was always a smoke shop nearby.  I left humidors and all that to smoke shop proprietors.  There was, as a matter of fact, a smoke shop in my neighborhood.  With a great bottle of Irish at home, the sun setting in a clear sky, and a nice mosquito-discouraging breeze working, I walked into the smoke shop.  I was more or less greeted…

“Hep ya?”

“Yes. I’d like one Padron.  Anniversary Series.”




“Let’s try this again.  I want to celebrate an event tonight.  I’d like to do it with a Padron.”


“No, I can’t celebrate?”


“Right, that’s it, I want a Padron.  Anniversary Series.”


“Do you have any Padrons?”




“Ah. Got anything comparable?”



“Com-par-abill.  Dominican?”

“Um.  No.  Have anything most near good as a Padron?”


“Okay.  Whatcha got?”


“Okay. show me.”

“No Com-par-abills.”

“Pity.  What’s most near good as a Padron?”

“Dominca Supremo.”

“How much?”

“Twenny-one fifty.”

“Man, I’m gonna smoke this thing, not take it to bed.”


“Too much. Padron only cost six bucks.  What ya got?”


“Okay. I’ll take one.”


“One.  I don’t smoke except on special occasions.”

“Sure. Six-fifty.”

“Here. Thanks.”


My change, a bad taste in my mouth, and I left the store.  Reckoned it would take a second Irish to cleanse my palate before lighting-up.  I had a much more exciting and productive conversation with the wooden Indian outside the store.  But I suspect it couldn’t make change.

© S P Wilcenski 2020

9 thoughts on “Cigar Store

    1. You met the person I think we all have met sometimes… “the wrong guy in the wrong place”!!! How come this kind of people end up behind a desk in a store??? It is so frustrating…

      1. Ah! It is life. I am reminded of a gentleman I met in Naples. He had mastered the art of the resigned shoulder shrug, as if to say, “Such is life!” Calmly. Some things we can change, some not. Aggravations of this order are expected and without them we would not appreciate when all goes comfortably. Appreciate your looking in. Buonasera.

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