An Exceptional Weekend – August 24, 2020

All things considered this past weekend was exceptional. Weekends afford a relaxed start to the day. Not asleep but lying awake before the alarm worked up the nerve to rudely suggest daytime, tossing some ideas around, several unapproachable ‘problems’ let themselves be paired with reasonably plausible solutions.  Running the risk it was so far inContinue reading “An Exceptional Weekend – August 24, 2020”

I’m an Idiot – August 21, 2020

This is not a rant.  It could be, I just don’t have the steam to put into it today.  If you’ve paid attention, you know my schedule changed dramatically this week to handle computer issues.  Beginning bright and early Monday morning, priorities had to shuffle and slide. Some normal but not essential activities were setContinue reading “I’m an Idiot – August 21, 2020”

See Anything Different? – August 19, 2020

It did in fact happen.  My old laptop struggled to keep going but finally, collapsed gracelessly.  On the last day, during the morning boot, I knew it was over.  I planned a trip to the local PC guru though I felt it really a trip to the coroner’s office for an official pronouncement.  The techContinue reading “See Anything Different? – August 19, 2020”

High Summer – August 17, 2020

Or late summer.  I suppose there’s a difference.  Some people might take issue, being sticklers for exactness. That’s irrelevant. It’s not mid-summer, as next month, only a scant two weeks away, is September.  The traditional time for “fall” and heading back to school. High summer. Time for bouts of insufferable heat.  Pop-up thunderstorms, which ifContinue reading “High Summer – August 17, 2020”

Occupation – August 14, 2020

Falling into the “to be or not to be” introspective mood that visits occasionally, I wondered just what is it actually I do?  That mood and needing to update my Linkedin profile gave me pause.  Together, they impressed upon me that I do not know how to introduce myself, for example, should I be outContinue reading “Occupation – August 14, 2020”

Favorite Insults – August 12, 2020

Favorite Insults – No. 4 Jess breezed through high school. She did well in traditional ‘college prep’ classes of the time – Advanced Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, and Physics. With a logical and agile mind, she also snookered the eco-earth sciences, although at the time, some twenty-odd years ago, those studies were called agricultural or husbandryContinue reading “Favorite Insults – August 12, 2020”

Wardlow and Spencer – August 10, 2020

Wardlow and Spencer are two likeable chaps with a problem determining which end of a stick is ‘up.’  Mostly well-intended, their unusual logic sometimes puts them in unpleasant situations.  Fortuitously, their follies rarely adversely affect others.  The following anecdote illustrates Wardlow and Spencer’s difficulty connecting the dots. Two hours after lunch and hungry, I hadContinue reading “Wardlow and Spencer – August 10, 2020”

Favorite Insults – August 8, 2020

[Alert: language and scatology] Favorite Insults – No. 15 As Mindenburg Oklahoma Mayor, Florence Nelson did not put up with any guff.  It took her about ten years to straighten-out the city of Mindenburg and Minden County.  Peeved at an unexpected property tax hike, young Florence determined to fight the ‘system’ from within.  She gotContinue reading “Favorite Insults – August 8, 2020”

Searching for the Cure – August 7, 2020

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, this is Harbin Factminder, here with this week’s edition1 of People Need to Know, brought to you by Azalea Toiletries, who remind you, “You may not look your prettiest, but there’s no reason you can’t smell good.”  “Hold the bottle higher, Harbin!” “I’m on camera, Giselle, you can’t just blurtContinue reading “Searching for the Cure – August 7, 2020”

Favorite Insults – August 6, 2020

Favorite Insults – No. 3 [Sigh. Redacted. Pity] Five-thirty Friday afternoon I climbed into my almost-classic Chevy headed home after a messy day at the yard. The ‘yard’ is a salvage yard. I own it. I run it. Daddy started it. He loved it. I saw the numbers and made it a real business justContinue reading “Favorite Insults – August 6, 2020”