Adversary – May 7, 2021

–Animal cruelty. True-to-life profanity.1 Violence. Photo by Pixabay on [Buzz]2 Um. What?  What?! [Buzz] A fly.“A friggin fly!”Must’ve come in from the garage. [Buzz] Where did I put that flyswatter?Kitchen.  In the kitchen, idiot.“Ah. There it is.”Okay got the swatter.  Bet the booger is gone now. That’s okay. Leaves me in peace. … [Buzz]Continue reading “Adversary – May 7, 2021”

In-flight Repair – May 4, 2021

Photo by Pixabay on The AISE1 mid-point station suddenly wobbled erratically in black space.  No other way to describe it.  With no fixed point of reference, you simply assumed “wobble.”  Savinsky, Gorwin, and I started our EVA to try to reach external power controls.  Something was royally screwed.  The station experienced power fluxes. ThatContinue reading “In-flight Repair – May 4, 2021”

Flashback? – April 29, 2021

Here’s a little mind tease. Something of a few mental deep-knee bends.  For those of you in a hurry, the story is only two-hundred words.  For you dictaphobes, that’d be 200 words.  True to habit, my afterthought is a mite verbose.  Comparatively. —                Flashback “I’ll take this, please.  It’s a beauty.” “Just one apple?”Continue reading “Flashback? – April 29, 2021”

Speculative Flash Fiction – March 20, 2021

NSFW for a bit of swearing. Maybe an ugly visual. They is those what like brief.  This is brief, a C-note.  Then you can go about your business. Civilized “We gotta eat something.” “But the goddam thing’s green!  Six legs.  I guess legs.” “Only green outside.  Here, I’ll whack it open.”   [Thwock!] “Ugh! Green insideContinue reading “Speculative Flash Fiction – March 20, 2021”

Planned Obsolescence – March 14, 2021

In the end, wad it into an electronic ball and chunk it into the bit-bucket Relax kiddies.  The briefest read.  Flash fiction.  Dark fiction. Speculative fiction?  Technology is almost there.  We now wait for politics to catch up.  Soon.  Very soon.  Several major problems solved at once. Horror? I suppose that depends on your perspective.Continue reading “Planned Obsolescence – March 14, 2021”

Digital Synch – March 12, 2021

Tick-tick, tick-tock. I mean, blip, blip, blip… No. Wait! What do I mean? Zooks!  Just read where there’s such a thing as a ‘wandering black hole.’  Let’s work this through: a black hole sucks stars into its gaping maw.  Stars!  Like suns and bigger.  Much bigger.  Okee.  Let’s imagine a black hole gets impatient andContinue reading “Digital Synch – March 12, 2021”

CompuJurisDiction – February 10, 2021

SabSofSys circa 1983 No sane person can argue things are not tremendously different today from what they were a long time ago.  Long time ago, like five years.1 Have you been under a rock?  Or maybe you’re one of the individuals whose thumbs are flattened and arthritic from phalangic muscle over-development from fourteen- to sixteen-hourContinue reading “CompuJurisDiction – February 10, 2021”

GeoCheating – February 9, 2021

“Uh-oh.” “What?” “There’s a cop behind you.” “Okay, I’ll slow down.” … “Big uh-oh.” “What?” “He just flipped his lights on.  You’re busted.” — “Good morning, Officer. Ma’am.” “Good morning, sir.  I’d like to see your license and registration, please.” “Certainly. Is there a problem?” “You know how fast you were going?” “Not sure, butContinue reading “GeoCheating – February 9, 2021”

Today’s Special – January 13, 2021

Quite chilly here this morning.  Snow icing rooftops in the hood, every house a gingerbread house.  Not to worry over too much sugar; it’s the thinnest veneer.  Overcast skies continue to spritz occasional flakes. Not winter by “up north” standards, but still chilly enough to show you your breath as you go about odd outsideContinue reading “Today’s Special – January 13, 2021”

Morning Coffee – November 24, 2020

Insomnia working overtime this morning, I decided what the heck1 – I’d start a pot of coffee.  Too, maybe sit down and noodle-out a few words destined to fulfill my MWF blog commitment.  Golly, maybe even settle down to finally finish the first draft of Midas County. Midas County probably won’t happen because I’m fascinatedContinue reading “Morning Coffee – November 24, 2020”