Today’s Special – January 13, 2021

Quite chilly here this morning.  Snow icing rooftops in the hood, every house a gingerbread house.  Not to worry over too much sugar; it’s the thinnest veneer.  Overcast skies continue to spritz occasional flakes. Not winter by “up north” standards, but still chilly enough to show you your breath as you go about odd outsideContinue reading “Today’s Special – January 13, 2021”

Morning Coffee – November 24, 2020

Insomnia working overtime this morning, I decided what the heck1 – I’d start a pot of coffee.  Too, maybe sit down and noodle-out a few words destined to fulfill my MWF blog commitment.  Golly, maybe even settle down to finally finish the first draft of Midas County. Midas County probably won’t happen because I’m fascinatedContinue reading “Morning Coffee – November 24, 2020”

Building 431 – November 2, 2020

“Welcome to Building 431, Timmers.” “Unh, Thank you Mr. Boudin.  Why am I here?” “They didn’t tell you?” “No.” “You’re Robotic AI?  I’m Microminiaturization. Look here…” “Looks like a mechanical bumblebee.” “Honeybee.  We’re manufacturing millions. You program them.” “For what?” “To pollinate.” “Why?” “Bee populations naturally devastated. You program pollination 101.  AI takes over.” “Gee,Continue reading “Building 431 – November 2, 2020”