Radio Babble – May 1, 2021

First, a word from our sponsor [Bright organ music…] ZipFast [End organ, cue soft whirring sounds…] Now back to regular programming XBR1      LA 8,(COMP1)               LA 7,(COMP2)              LMJ 11,FORT1              SSC 3              JNC RET5              LR 14,ADDR              TNE 14,2              JPE RECOMP              AA 14,2              J $+2RET5      SR 15,CALC7 [Cue ominous organ, stalling on final chord…] Inconclusive WhenContinue reading “Radio Babble – May 1, 2021”

Peevish – April 30, 2021

Language, innuendo, and curmudgeonry0 This morning I started-off on a bit of a tongue-in-cheek blast at avant guarde “writers” styling themselves after TS Eliot and ee cummings.1 That parody was in the manner of those considering themselves new masters of this style.  You know, completely lacking punctuation, no fixed or rudely discernable form, and loose,Continue reading “Peevish – April 30, 2021”

Fashionistas – 2021-04-22

Kiddies this is a semi-rant. NSFW for innuendo, language, and politics. — I know this will torque some jaws.  I don’t care. (Big surprise, huh?) Gonna stand on a soapbox for a bit to complain of a pretentious and disgusting habit (or fashion trend) now considered all the rage.  Not sure which is dumber, theContinue reading “Fashionistas – 2021-04-22”

Humility – April 21, 2021

Well, I thought so, but I’m a weird duck. First, a word from our sponsor… In a bit of a snit today.  My list of lists has come up missing.  You better bet when I find it, I’m gonna make a list of where I keep my lists from now on.  Until I locate theContinue reading “Humility – April 21, 2021”

In the News – March 28, 2021

Where most of it is destined anyway. Not all the good stuff or even all interesting stuff.  Just stuff that has bees in my bonnet. Middle Tennessee Moan, whine, bellyache.   Yep.  Again.  Or still.  All night long, rain and serious lightning.  Early evening yesterday, I was tending grill, believing the best (worst) of storms doneContinue reading “In the News – March 28, 2021”

Pay the Piper – March 27, 2021

See? I’m recycling my old images. “Had enough yet?” asked Mother Nature. “Yeah.  I think I’m gonna move,” I replied. “You’ve been talking about moving forever.” “I’ve not been around ‘forever.’” “No, indeed you have not.  That’s hyperbole for effect.” “You don’t need hyperbole.” “How’s that?” “Winter sleet.  Snow pellets.  Freeze-thaw. More snow. More freeze-thaw.”Continue reading “Pay the Piper – March 27, 2021”

Lights, Camera, Action! – March 10, 2021

Consider the source… Friends, I’m busy. No more than usual, but with an edge; something I’ve not done before. It will demand my full attentions, so I can’t dream up a brand new piece for today, maybe tomorrow either. Dug into the vault and pulled a piece I did almost a year ago. A yearContinue reading “Lights, Camera, Action! – March 10, 2021”

Roger and Larry – March 7, 2021

Audience alert: some swearing – words like Republican, Democrat, vegetarian… “Hey Roger! Howya been?” “Pretty good, I reckon, Larry.” “Only just ‘pretty good’?” “I get a little confused now and then.  Bothers me some.” “How’s that?” “Well, seems every time I turn around someone wants to know what I am.” “Hell, everyone pays attention knowsContinue reading “Roger and Larry – March 7, 2021”

At A Loss – March 4, 2021

Recycle, recycle, recycle. Dunno where to go.  Readers need my rambling to have something that makes everything else seem better by comparison. Started off on a rant.  Was a good one too.  One of my faves.  The gender/sex/undecided thing.  Determined a lot of difficulty or controversy is because those who love to feel themselves theContinue reading “At A Loss – March 4, 2021”

Around the World – February 22, 2021

I’m not including links.  This is not to supplant your favorite newsfeed.  Just some of the events I’ll be watching the next couple of weeks.  Like I don’t already have enough to fret over. If one of these blurbs makes you curious to know more, a quick web search will expose you equally to bothContinue reading “Around the World – February 22, 2021”