Around the World – February 22, 2021

I’m not including links.  This is not to supplant your favorite newsfeed.  Just some of the events I’ll be watching the next couple of weeks.  Like I don’t already have enough to fret over. If one of these blurbs makes you curious to know more, a quick web search will expose you equally to bothContinue reading “Around the World – February 22, 2021”

Good Ideas – February 17, 2021

But first – a word from our sponsors – New and Improved!  Smaller package and more refined corn sugars Limited time only  Like for about six supereons Absolutely free  Only pay postage and handling Buy one, get one free  But there’s only one left on the shelf No artificial sweeteners  But it’s 50% sugar Non-GMO Continue reading “Good Ideas – February 17, 2021”

The Good the Bad and the Snarky – February 15, 2021

Truly a misanthrope. Just watching some people, I dislike them before I meet them.  It is a flaw in my character.  However, pretty nearly all the time, observations underpinning my opinion are spot-on and my opinion does not change over time.  My tolerance level has nothing to do with it.  Eager to find I’ve erred,Continue reading “The Good the Bad and the Snarky – February 15, 2021”

Setting the Record Straight – February 13, 2021

Scattered across my desk, crammed into two file cabinets, overflowing countless e-folders, and scribbled onto stacks of white and yellow legal pads are more story, rant, anecdote, and Pulitzer embryos than stars in the sky seen from the dark side of the moon.  Sorting through them all to cull the crap and refile the redeemableContinue reading “Setting the Record Straight – February 13, 2021”

Science Corner – February 12, 2021

Photo by ThisIsEngineering on Satire, kiddies, satire! Photo by Ylanite Koppens on Why do onions make me cry? Let us first assume you mean “why do onions make me cry when I peel or slice them?”  Onions are not openly aggressive, rude, vulgar, or generally psychologically abusive.  Right?  An onion would not makeContinue reading “Science Corner – February 12, 2021”

CompuJurisDiction – February 10, 2021

SabSofSys circa 1983 No sane person can argue things are not tremendously different today from what they were a long time ago.  Long time ago, like five years.1 Have you been under a rock?  Or maybe you’re one of the individuals whose thumbs are flattened and arthritic from phalangic muscle over-development from fourteen- to sixteen-hourContinue reading “CompuJurisDiction – February 10, 2021”

Hey, Jack! – February 7, 2021

Searching for a character name for a fictional piece, a name suggesting significance from legend or history, I did a few quick searches.   You know, something to match or contradict my character.  I’m still looking. Along the way, the name “Jack” impressed me in several ways.  Aside from naming a placeholder in a pair ofContinue reading “Hey, Jack! – February 7, 2021”

Uninspirations – February 6, 2021

Befitting my role as a card-carrying misanthrope, I pause to reflect on some of the many things that routinely cancel feelings of positivity, make me seriously consider becoming either a Democrat or Repullican, confirm my misanthropy, and provide me a steady supply of giggles.  In short, things capable of taking an otherwise perfectly good dayContinue reading “Uninspirations – February 6, 2021”

Fits and Snatches – January 22, 2021

In the spirit of “rambling.” Still clearing-out the electronic “to-do,” “here’s an idea,” “come back to this in a couple of days weeks months, years,” “lacking a plot, viewpoint, or protagonist,” and “is this humor or a rant or both” folders.  I’ve determined I must dispatch all that stuff before diving into the oak fileContinue reading “Fits and Snatches – January 22, 2021”

Updates – January 20, 2021

Not sure when it happened.  It has been a busy, confused couple of days.  A visitor watched me “relax” in front of a different screen, noodling1 for a word to decompose into a silly bit of wordplay.2  Please recall, I gave up the effort. Harkening back to “Engineering Econ”3 for such as ROI, cost ofContinue reading “Updates – January 20, 2021”