Morning Coffee – November 24, 2020

Insomnia working overtime this morning, I decided what the heck1 – I’d start a pot of coffee.  Too, maybe sit down and noodle-out a few words destined to fulfill my MWF blog commitment.  Golly, maybe even settle down to finally finish the first draft of Midas County. Midas County probably won’t happen because I’m fascinatedContinue reading “Morning Coffee – November 24, 2020”

Service Alert – November 23, 2020

Expect outages and delays.(Interim billing at the standard rate. It is, after all, the American way.)Extended MU meeting.  These things happen.Somebody’s got to do it.Lemme see: keys, wallet, handkerchief, pocketknife, checkbook.Phone, pen, pallumbrast.Yup. Ready to go.See you later.Maybe. — Can you remember where you were, what you were doing November 23, 1963? — FF:10+; WC:46

QAP – November 22, 2020

Men, your women ask you questions.  You should be prepared.  Rehearse your answers.  For your health and well-being.  Let me introduce the QAP method.  First the Question you should prepare for.  Then, the Answer or answers that will improve your chances of survival.   Finally, in the manner of explaining left-handed as opposed to right-handed threads,Continue reading “QAP – November 22, 2020”

Insouciance – November 21, 2020

Pretty nifty word, eh?  Ah, but except, it’s not. It means indifference or IDGAS.  Probably 80% of Americans suffer this disease.   Symptoms include an inordinate need for pretty pictures and sound bites to capture and maintain attention, lacking either, a general malaise.  Look for example, at “80%.”  Americans will read that.  It’s quick and easy.Continue reading “Insouciance – November 21, 2020”

Explain To Me – November 20, 2020

Please.  While continuing my efforts to be tolerant and open-minded, I make it easy for you to guess where I park my sitter on any number of issues.  Unless you’re sliding past this blog on a rocket sled.  You know I’m an old purple dewd. Cantankerous.  Somewhat opinionated. Still, I maintain, I’m open-minded, tolerant ofContinue reading “Explain To Me – November 20, 2020”

Clutch Chronicles III – November 18, 2020

Following-up on “Sinbad and Fester,” “Molehills and Mountains” recounts another conversation between Espie and Clutch.  Again, Clutch hints at the lunacy of humans’ way of going about business.  A reminder, this was the time of great social and civil unrest in the US.  The same Clutch and Espie had chatted about before. Looking critically, youContinue reading “Clutch Chronicles III – November 18, 2020”

Clutch Chronicles II – November 17, 2020

You recall the civil disturbances about June of this year.  Civil disturbances or riots.  Depends on where the fence comes up between you and your neighbor.  Less so if you’re one of those folks where the fence jumps right up out of the ground and splits your crotch. Gotta ask you how you manage that.Continue reading “Clutch Chronicles II – November 17, 2020”

Clutch Chronicles – November 16, 2020

Introduction Not so long ago, in a Galaxy 500, no, wait, that’s a different story about a black 1964 two-door hardtop… Early in 2020 I cut my teeth on another writers’ site but quickly burned out there for reasons not worth airing or appropriate here1. There, I did a throwaway piece which introduced a characterContinue reading “Clutch Chronicles – November 16, 2020”

Random Thoughts On Love – November 15, 2020

A trifle cool Saturday morning.  Not excited about going outside to do anything (besides, I whomped-out the yardwork Friday afternoon) so I went back to work lining-up posts for next week.  Working on Friday the 20th I determined to pull the chunk of poetry you saw yesterday as “Waxing Poetic About Love” into “Poetry andContinue reading “Random Thoughts On Love – November 15, 2020”

Senior Day Part 3 – November 12, 2020

If you can’t laugh at yourself, I suggest you have no self-respect.  You take yourself that seriously, you need to take a look around you, there’s a lot out there more important than you.  More important than you fifty years ago and last week.  More important than the misguided soul in your skin right now,Continue reading “Senior Day Part 3 – November 12, 2020”