Electron Wastebin – January 4, 2021

Time to get out the whisk broom and dustpan.  Let’s open up the bulging “Wordpress Pending” folder.  If an item looks useable, use it.  If it was ill-conceived when scrubbed from the post it was intended to adorn and still shows no promise, scrap it.  If it’s a complete mystery, leave it in “Pending” anotherContinue reading “Electron Wastebin – January 4, 2021”

Late Post Today – December 13, 2020

Late post today I’ll use a moment if I may,To explain this post’s delay.No, I was not off at play,Or working so my bills to pay.Was no excess of Cabernet,Nor idly fishing off the quay. What was it then, I hear you say,Asking I dismiss dismay.Oh, alright, a minute stay –I’ll take a second toContinue reading “Late Post Today – December 13, 2020”

Service Alert – December 4, 2020

Once again, posts may be undependable through the first of next week.  Figure if FedEx takes pains to keep you aware, it’s the least I can do. Nobody gonna miss anything much, but it makes me feel better thinking someone could, and I got them covered. Something less than a standing ovation Ben Awhile popped-inContinue reading “Service Alert – December 4, 2020”

Beg Pardon? – December 3, 2020

Stupid things we say “Shoot me an email.”   Is it email season already?  Sure.  Soon as I see one, I’ll shoot it for ya. “We should have lunch one day.”  No, um, we’d stand a better chance of having a baby.  I’m not up for that either, thank you. I’m a hapless idiot, huh?” ShouldContinue reading “Beg Pardon? – December 3, 2020”

Feelin Lazy – November 8, 2020

Been working on a chunk of “poemetry” nearly six months now.  As usual, when I decided to quit beating on it, it wasn’t hardly what I’d started out to do, nor was it particularly suited to goofy country novelty lyrics.  But I’m tired of it, want to be done with it, and am ready toContinue reading “Feelin Lazy – November 8, 2020”

Numbers – November 5, 2020

Doing seventy-five on highway one thirty-two,To my thinking, still had ‘bout three hundred miles to do.My quarter tank of gas might make ninety give or take.Was slap out of coffee; looked like time to take a break.Commenced to looking hard; lookin left and lookin right.‘Twas find a station soon Bud, or book it out thatContinue reading “Numbers – November 5, 2020”