Adversary – May 7, 2021

–Animal cruelty. True-to-life profanity.1 Violence. Photo by Pixabay on [Buzz]2 Um. What?  What?! [Buzz] A fly.“A friggin fly!”Must’ve come in from the garage. [Buzz] Where did I put that flyswatter?Kitchen.  In the kitchen, idiot.“Ah. There it is.”Okay got the swatter.  Bet the booger is gone now. That’s okay. Leaves me in peace. … [Buzz]Continue reading “Adversary – May 7, 2021”

Setting the Record Straight – May 6, 2021

Many tales are told today to children in the manner of Aesop1, to impart morality, common sense, and understanding of the ways of the world.  These tales fail their purpose.  Miserably.  They paint life innocuously.  In colors not true to real life.  Life has bumps and bruises.  Nicks and scrapes.  Life comes with portions ofContinue reading “Setting the Record Straight – May 6, 2021”

Impostare le Cose in Chiaro – 6 maggio 2021

Molte storie vengono raccontate oggi ai bambini alla maniera di Esopo1, per impartire moralità, buon senso e comprensione delle vie del mondo. Questi racconti falliscono nel loro scopo. Miserabilmente. Dipingono la vita in modo innocuo. In colori non fedeli alla vita reale. La vita ha urti e contusioni. Tacche e graffi. La vita arriva conContinue reading “Impostare le Cose in Chiaro – 6 maggio 2021”

A Cuppa Joe – May 5, 2021

There is a reason I don’t like decaf coffee. And it’s not psychological – that deal where I assume the curmudgeon-stance while bellyaching about how manufacturers, purveyors of victuals especially, can leave components out of something and charge more for it.  Decaf just doesn’t taste like, well, coffee.  Tastes like medicine, unpleasant medicine.  Full octaneContinue reading “A Cuppa Joe – May 5, 2021”

Leth Try Thith Again – May 5, 2021

“Um, excuse me, sir.” “Yeth?” “This garden screen fabric?” “Yeth?” “Looks like it’s all one piece.  Is it?” “Themeleth.” “What?” “Ith themeleth.” “You mean it has no themes?” “Are you making fun of me?” “What?” “My lithp?” “What’s wrong with your lips?” “Not lipth.  Lithp.” “I’m sorry.  I don’t understand.” “Thith impediment. Had it allContinue reading “Leth Try Thith Again – May 5, 2021”

Short and Sweet – May 3, 2021

Pull up a couch. When did you first suspect your shadow disliked you? Late last night I argued with myself.  That’s something of a hobby of mine.  Jokes about “conversation with an intelligent soul” aside, it’s a productive diversion.  Last night’s quandary?  Would I enjoy a bit of insomnia or pass quickly into the armsContinue reading “Short and Sweet – May 3, 2021”

Choices – May 2, 2021

[Slap worn out today, so I’ll cheat with one from the archives…] Given a choice between – take: Laughter and crying – Laughter.  It takes less energy to go from laughing to crying than it does to go from crying to laughing.  If you have to transition, you sure don’t want to wear yourself out.Continue reading “Choices – May 2, 2021”

Radio Babble – May 1, 2021

First, a word from our sponsor [Bright organ music…] ZipFast [End organ, cue soft whirring sounds…] Now back to regular programming XBR1      LA 8,(COMP1)               LA 7,(COMP2)              LMJ 11,FORT1              SSC 3              JNC RET5              LR 14,ADDR              TNE 14,2              JPE RECOMP              AA 14,2              J $+2RET5      SR 15,CALC7 [Cue ominous organ, stalling on final chord…] Inconclusive WhenContinue reading “Radio Babble – May 1, 2021”

Peevish – April 30, 2021

Language, innuendo, and curmudgeonry0 This morning I started-off on a bit of a tongue-in-cheek blast at avant guarde “writers” styling themselves after TS Eliot and ee cummings.1 That parody was in the manner of those considering themselves new masters of this style.  You know, completely lacking punctuation, no fixed or rudely discernable form, and loose,Continue reading “Peevish – April 30, 2021”

Flashback? – April 29, 2021

Here’s a little mind tease. Something of a few mental deep-knee bends.  For those of you in a hurry, the story is only two-hundred words.  For you dictaphobes, that’d be 200 words.  True to habit, my afterthought is a mite verbose.  Comparatively. —                Flashback “I’ll take this, please.  It’s a beauty.” “Just one apple?”Continue reading “Flashback? – April 29, 2021”