Kids These Days – March 3, 2021

Dang. Two days in a row. I apologize.What else will I do with this junk? Master Andy Jackson Naughty Andy Jackson caused his parent some distress,A small scrape here, a dust-up there, this time an ugly mess.Pure of heart, with motives gold, still troubles fell like hail.The Jacksons now, are pressed for cash to makeContinue reading “Kids These Days – March 3, 2021”

Miss Anne Thropy – March 2, 2021

There’s people that amaze me – the impressions they beget.I’ve paid some mind to what they’ve said, seen stages that they’ve set.Please don’t think that I’m unkind,Having spoken thus my mind.With mild distress, I do confess, these folks I’ve never met. © SP Wilcenski 2021

Surveillance – February 28, 2021

“So, Reuben is it?  Your first ‘spouse’ surveillance for Schapwicz Investigations?” “Yeah.  So far pretty boring.” “Hope it stays that way.  Not our job to interfere.  Watch. Take pictures.  Evidence.” “We have to catch them, you know inflagrato?” “In flagrante delicto.” “Whatever.  You know, we need bedroom pictures?” “Not always.  In a hotel.  Someone notContinue reading “Surveillance – February 28, 2021”

Freedoms – February 27, 2021

Headed to the back deck to check the barbecue grill gas cylinder, it struck me the door was a mite snaggy.  Aha!  Strike plate screws had begun to loosen, with designs, I assumed, on eventual freedom. The strike plate, appearing ready to join the screws in this freedom, was binding against the latch bolt. IContinue reading “Freedoms – February 27, 2021”

Claxbury Episode VI – February 25, 2021

Claxbury CornersVI Second Thoughts Continuing to look back a few years, after what I’ve recounted so far from those late spring and early summer days, things-Claxbury began to pop like March irises.   Once you set things in motion you often better jump back or get run-over by events.  That was okay, except it seems eventsContinue reading “Claxbury Episode VI – February 25, 2021”

Taking Care of Gramps – February 23, 2021

“You take your pain med, Lloyd?  Don’t nod.  Bet you didn’t.  Swallow, you old coot!” … “Gramps!  Where’s Gram?  Never mind. Just popped-in to see you took your med before breakfast.  Here.  Swallow!  See you this afternoon.” … “Mr. Dewey, you take your pain med?  Stop making faces.  Swallow.  Attaboy. Now, off to breakfast!” …Continue reading “Taking Care of Gramps – February 23, 2021”

Romeo O Romeo – February 20, 2021

Claxbury CornersV Romeo O Romeo It didn’t look that I’d quickly make it home to a double Irish and feet up on the coffee table. Seeing as Drew offered, I left him to cover dinner and to finish his chat with Corrine.  From Madge’s Restaurant, I headed again down Main Street past the firebarn towardContinue reading “Romeo O Romeo – February 20, 2021”

Good Ideas – February 17, 2021

But first – a word from our sponsors – New and Improved!  Smaller package and more refined corn sugars Limited time only  Like for about six supereons Absolutely free  Only pay postage and handling Buy one, get one free  But there’s only one left on the shelf No artificial sweeteners  But it’s 50% sugar Non-GMO Continue reading “Good Ideas – February 17, 2021”

Ski Mount Pisgah – February 16, 2021

Non sequitur? Wickedly attractive, fatal to males of the species, she followed in her mother’s footsteps and became……a recycler. He thought she’d tossed a compliment at him, so he tried it on……and found it was left-handed. Wow! A letter from his brother in Phoenix. Hadn’t heard from him in years.  Inside the envelope……was his nephew’sContinue reading “Ski Mount Pisgah – February 16, 2021”

The Good the Bad and the Snarky – February 15, 2021

Truly a misanthrope. Just watching some people, I dislike them before I meet them.  It is a flaw in my character.  However, pretty nearly all the time, observations underpinning my opinion are spot-on and my opinion does not change over time.  My tolerance level has nothing to do with it.  Eager to find I’ve erred,Continue reading “The Good the Bad and the Snarky – February 15, 2021”