Circumstances – March 29, 2021

Um, long short flash. Fiction. Purely fiction. Been out of town for about thirty years. Really out of town.  Out of state. Out of the country.  Long enough if I didn’t have friends in high places, I’d have had serious problems getting back into the country. Long enough I’d learned an exotic new language. LearnedContinue reading “Circumstances – March 29, 2021”

One Other Thing – March 24, 2021

Good neighbors work things out… “Appreciate you not working on your racecar evenings, Stan.” “Well, Bob, lose track of time. Didn’t mean to keep anyone awake.” “You’re pretty good neighbors.” “We try.” “You and your missus don’t yell at each other much lately either.” “Take it inside now.  Easier if she starts throwing things.” “What?”Continue reading “One Other Thing – March 24, 2021”

Speculative Flash Fiction – March 20, 2021

NSFW for a bit of swearing. Maybe an ugly visual. They is those what like brief.  This is brief, a C-note.  Then you can go about your business. Civilized “We gotta eat something.” “But the goddam thing’s green!  Six legs.  I guess legs.” “Only green outside.  Here, I’ll whack it open.”   [Thwock!] “Ugh! Green insideContinue reading “Speculative Flash Fiction – March 20, 2021”

Planned Obsolescence – March 14, 2021

In the end, wad it into an electronic ball and chunk it into the bit-bucket Relax kiddies.  The briefest read.  Flash fiction.  Dark fiction. Speculative fiction?  Technology is almost there.  We now wait for politics to catch up.  Soon.  Very soon.  Several major problems solved at once. Horror? I suppose that depends on your perspective.Continue reading “Planned Obsolescence – March 14, 2021”

Digital Synch – March 12, 2021

Tick-tick, tick-tock. I mean, blip, blip, blip… No. Wait! What do I mean? Zooks!  Just read where there’s such a thing as a ‘wandering black hole.’  Let’s work this through: a black hole sucks stars into its gaping maw.  Stars!  Like suns and bigger.  Much bigger.  Okee.  Let’s imagine a black hole gets impatient andContinue reading “Digital Synch – March 12, 2021”

Stereotype – March 11, 2021

A typically cold, snowy, winter day in Rhode Island, it was not brutally cold, but windy and cold enough even properly dressed you were very quickly and dangerously uncomfortable.  Bob Zwick was a beat cop.  Not like London England or New York City beat cops who can comfortably walk a “beat,” a beat cop atContinue reading “Stereotype – March 11, 2021”

Lights, Camera, Action! – March 10, 2021

Consider the source… Friends, I’m busy. No more than usual, but with an edge; something I’ve not done before. It will demand my full attentions, so I can’t dream up a brand new piece for today, maybe tomorrow either. Dug into the vault and pulled a piece I did almost a year ago. A yearContinue reading “Lights, Camera, Action! – March 10, 2021”

Night Watch – March 9, 2021

Innuendo, couple of rude words, and some compromising scenes After retiring from the city PD four years ago I found I didn’t like fishing nearly as much as I thought.  Liked it so little I finally sold my boat and trailer.  Nobody wants to buy old fishing tackle, so I gave that to charity.  Continue reading “Night Watch – March 9, 2021”

Change of Heart – March 1, 2021

Photo by Jean-Daniel Francoeur on “Whew!  Tough game, Tuluki!” “Pulled it out, Clifford!  Fourteen – Seven. We’d gone for a field goal, been a tie.” “Hate ties.  Buster can make point after.  Can’t nail a field goal.  Kinda jinxed.” “Say, Cliff?” “Yunh?” “Can you drop me off downtown?  I’ll walk home from there.” “NotContinue reading “Change of Heart – March 1, 2021”