Today’s Special – January 13, 2021

Quite chilly here this morning.  Snow icing rooftops in the hood, every house a gingerbread house.  Not to worry over too much sugar; it’s the thinnest veneer.  Overcast skies continue to spritz occasional flakes. Not winter by “up north” standards, but still chilly enough to show you your breath as you go about odd outsideContinue reading “Today’s Special – January 13, 2021”

Gonna Rain – January 8, 2021

Folks took it in stride the first month without rain in Baugus County.  The second month that’s all anyone talked about.  People stopped talking about it the third month.  Looked like a bona fide drought.  We keep the dealership garage open late Fridays.  Tommy Jancock came into the garage about closing time.  Tommy strikes folksContinue reading “Gonna Rain – January 8, 2021”

Fowl Language – December 29, 2020

               If you’re in the mood for a set-to, this is your lucky day.  This post will touch on several controversial subjects before it wraps.  Surely, one of them will twist your shorts.  If not, you are likely an old gent, probably conservative, likely ex-military or some similar “fraternity.”1                As my posts go, thisContinue reading “Fowl Language – December 29, 2020”

Esteemed Guests – December 23, 2020

                                                              It was time for weekly recalibration.  Schedulers never let on until showtime whether it will be a one-on-one or group session.  Irregularity suggests they don’t themselves know.  One day they’ll get it all sorted out.  Staff and residents simply take things as they come.  Everyone knows who the players are, and what rolesContinue reading “Esteemed Guests – December 23, 2020”

Quarter to Two – December 17, 2020

Originally posted in June of this year to another site, I post here to amuse a mentor I am lead to believe is new to the fun and frolic of electronically enhanced auditory perception. He should have as much fun as I’ve had the last five-plus years. Quarter to Two Archie and I were sittingContinue reading “Quarter to Two – December 17, 2020”

Minute Quiz – December 16, 2020

Considering a career change? All you amateur slooths sluthes defectives dictectors private dicks out there, put your eyebones to work on the image above.  See what that image tells you.  A professional interpretation follows this brief flash fiction interlude. Pill Popper Ward is six feet four inches of tuned muscle.  That suits his work asContinue reading “Minute Quiz – December 16, 2020”

Apologies – December 9, 2020

I hate my therapist.  Sometimes he’s so obtuse. Was there ever a time you should have said, “I’m sorry,” but didn’t?Yes.Were you then?Was I what then?Sorry?No.Why would you say ‘I’m sorry” if you weren’t?To make someone feel better.Can I assume then, there were times you weren’t sorry but said so anyway?Yes.And that made you feelContinue reading “Apologies – December 9, 2020”

Thirty-nine Ford – December 8, 2020

Photo by Chris F on I’m trying to remember.  It must have been nineteen sixty-four.  Surely not sixty-three.  Sixty-three was the year of the assassination.  Also the year an on-again, off-again heartbreak was mostly on.  Ah, youth! That’s fifty-six, fifty-seven years ago?  You can see where the exact date gets cob-webby.  Should an oldContinue reading “Thirty-nine Ford – December 8, 2020”

Winning Numbers – December 7, 2020

From the Beyond  “Odds against?”“Thousand to one.”“Backup?”“Astronomical.”Should’ve picked Lotto numbers. ‘Chute failed. Backup too. Pearl Harbor Day It was a Sunday.  Last “righteous war”?  There are those who argue otherwise.  Same brand of folks who deny a Holocaust. You don’t understand? Walk a mile, people, walk a mile. You don’t have to change your mind.Continue reading “Winning Numbers – December 7, 2020”

Turning Tables – December 6, 2020

Language studies “Hand me that bub.”“What?”“Hand me that bub. Imma thow it away.”“Bub?”“That light bub.  Right there.”“Oh! That light bulb!”“Yeh. Whaja think I said, ya dummy?” — Popular advice is not to write accent and brutalizing of the English language.  Supposed to make editors pull hair and toss submissions.  For my money, not attempting toContinue reading “Turning Tables – December 6, 2020”