Change of Heart – March 1, 2021

Photo by Jean-Daniel Francoeur on “Whew!  Tough game, Tuluki!” “Pulled it out, Clifford!  Fourteen – Seven. We’d gone for a field goal, been a tie.” “Hate ties.  Buster can make point after.  Can’t nail a field goal.  Kinda jinxed.” “Say, Cliff?” “Yunh?” “Can you drop me off downtown?  I’ll walk home from there.” “NotContinue reading “Change of Heart – March 1, 2021”

Surveillance – February 28, 2021

“So, Reuben is it?  Your first ‘spouse’ surveillance for Schapwicz Investigations?” “Yeah.  So far pretty boring.” “Hope it stays that way.  Not our job to interfere.  Watch. Take pictures.  Evidence.” “We have to catch them, you know inflagrato?” “In flagrante delicto.” “Whatever.  You know, we need bedroom pictures?” “Not always.  In a hotel.  Someone notContinue reading “Surveillance – February 28, 2021”

Claxbury Episode VI – February 25, 2021

Claxbury CornersVI Second Thoughts Continuing to look back a few years, after what I’ve recounted so far from those late spring and early summer days, things-Claxbury began to pop like March irises.   Once you set things in motion you often better jump back or get run-over by events.  That was okay, except it seems eventsContinue reading “Claxbury Episode VI – February 25, 2021”

Taking Care of Gramps – February 23, 2021

“You take your pain med, Lloyd?  Don’t nod.  Bet you didn’t.  Swallow, you old coot!” … “Gramps!  Where’s Gram?  Never mind. Just popped-in to see you took your med before breakfast.  Here.  Swallow!  See you this afternoon.” … “Mr. Dewey, you take your pain med?  Stop making faces.  Swallow.  Attaboy. Now, off to breakfast!” …Continue reading “Taking Care of Gramps – February 23, 2021”

Romeo O Romeo – February 20, 2021

Claxbury CornersV Romeo O Romeo It didn’t look that I’d quickly make it home to a double Irish and feet up on the coffee table. Seeing as Drew offered, I left him to cover dinner and to finish his chat with Corrine.  From Madge’s Restaurant, I headed again down Main Street past the firebarn towardContinue reading “Romeo O Romeo – February 20, 2021”

Two-day Rule – February 18, 2021

Stewardship Delivered by truckBurning fossil fuel.Packaged in cardboardWe cannot reuse.Protected by pillowsUnfit for sleep.Insulated by peanutsWe cannot eat.Wrapped in plasticWe throw away. There’s no deposit.And no return.It doesn’t matter.It’s not my concern. After we destroy her,She will destroy us.It’s clear. Mother Earth –Recycles. — Writer’s Woe Six solid words lacking credible plot. — Two-day RuleContinue reading “Two-day Rule – February 18, 2021”

Responsibilities II – February 12, 2021

Constable is a good man. He brings sense of responsibility to his work, very sincerely wishing to help people.  We are to him, surely, a remote and tedious outpost.  As Foundry Manager, it was my responsibility to meet him when tragedy brought him here officially one afternoon. “Constable Beechard, we have experienced a most unfortunateContinue reading “Responsibilities II – February 12, 2021”

Responsibilities – February 11, 2021

My stint as Constable in the village of Billemonju isn’t always enjoyable.  Citizens are nice enough. Innocently, they try my patience, tremendously, daily.  Due mostly to cultural differences. We’re all trying.  I think. Returned from arbitrating ownership of snakes killed scything summer grain, I was sweat-soaked and hungry.  Neither a change of clothes nor lunchContinue reading “Responsibilities – February 11, 2021”

GeoCheating – February 9, 2021

“Uh-oh.” “What?” “There’s a cop behind you.” “Okay, I’ll slow down.” … “Big uh-oh.” “What?” “He just flipped his lights on.  You’re busted.” — “Good morning, Officer. Ma’am.” “Good morning, sir.  I’d like to see your license and registration, please.” “Certainly. Is there a problem?” “You know how fast you were going?” “Not sure, butContinue reading “GeoCheating – February 9, 2021”

The Envelope – February 8, 2021

NSFW: Imagery and language Photo by Aleksandar Pasaric on My informant sent me to an alley that was a scene right out of a bad B-flick.  Snotty midnight rain didn’t help.  Across from the alley, a streetlamp crackled and snapped, struggling for enough confidence to at least try.  It wasn’t having much success.  ItContinue reading “The Envelope – February 8, 2021”