Customer Service – November 29, 2020

It has finally happened: “Brrng.  Brrng.  Click.  …For instructions in English, press two…” In my own country, a country where most people speak something akin to English, voice communications in English is relegated to a second or third choice in automated Customer Service systems.  The automated voice assures me: “Your call and your business areContinue reading “Customer Service – November 29, 2020”

Ramble On – November 25, 2020

This late score just in  Five to three in 11 innings. Annual forestry mystery There are three magnificent maple trees in my corner postage stamp lot.  One in the front, one in the front east side, and one in the rear east side.  Nothing in the back yard which is no more than a stripContinue reading “Ramble On – November 25, 2020”

Clutch Chronicles IV – November 19, 2020

I’ve only draft Clutch and Espie vignettes left in odd states of completion.  They likely won’t be finished and posted for a number of reasons. When I began them, social unrest was at a frightening peak, both for the intensity of rioters’/protestors’ criminal activity and for the criminal activity (or inactivity) of certain elected executiveContinue reading “Clutch Chronicles IV – November 19, 2020”

Clutch Chronicles III – November 18, 2020

Following-up on “Sinbad and Fester,” “Molehills and Mountains” recounts another conversation between Espie and Clutch.  Again, Clutch hints at the lunacy of humans’ way of going about business.  A reminder, this was the time of great social and civil unrest in the US.  The same Clutch and Espie had chatted about before. Looking critically, youContinue reading “Clutch Chronicles III – November 18, 2020”

Clutch Chronicles II – November 17, 2020

You recall the civil disturbances about June of this year.  Civil disturbances or riots.  Depends on where the fence comes up between you and your neighbor.  Less so if you’re one of those folks where the fence jumps right up out of the ground and splits your crotch. Gotta ask you how you manage that.Continue reading “Clutch Chronicles II – November 17, 2020”

Clutch Chronicles – November 16, 2020

Introduction Not so long ago, in a Galaxy 500, no, wait, that’s a different story about a black 1964 two-door hardtop… Early in 2020 I cut my teeth on another writers’ site but quickly burned out there for reasons not worth airing or appropriate here1. There, I did a throwaway piece which introduced a characterContinue reading “Clutch Chronicles – November 16, 2020”

From the Vault – November 13, 2020

Working two or three pieces that just don’t want to come together, I’m short something to present today.  With a string going in spite of a M/W/F blog commitment, I hate to miss today, Friday and all.  Especially knowing shortly before Thanksgiving I’m going to play hooky for a spell. I looked into the electronicContinue reading “From the Vault – November 13, 2020”

Fluff – November 9, 2020

Working on a major piece which may not make the cut.  I figure it’s a good piece.  It has several things going against it:  (1) I think it’s good. That means for everyone else, it’s a yawner. (2) It’s long. 7K words. No WordPresser I know is going to put up with that.  Fact ofContinue reading “Fluff – November 9, 2020”

Whiskers – November 6, 2020

Photo by Maud Slaats on Ronald, across the street sideways, and I are almost neighbors.  He and his missus are five years or so new to the neighborhood.  Physically close enough, what keeps us from being real neighbors is our ages and that we only occasionally enjoy pre- and post- work-commute meetings.  Ronald isContinue reading “Whiskers – November 6, 2020”