Big Bad Got A Bum Rap


4 thoughts on “Big Bad Got A Bum Rap

  1. Another hit, but so far “Threadbare” remains my favorite. We’ll see if it stays the champ as I move on to the next one. I may have been wrong for picturing these in animated form because some of the humor would be lost, like in your mentioning “a tonne” of grief.

    1. Well, even the Bambino couldn’t bust fences every trip to the plate. If I were consistent, or even settled into one genre, and predicable, I’d be boring. Thanks again for your review. Makes me want to make time to get back to work on drafted “Once Upons” languishing for lack of time.

      1. Valuing your input, I’ll do a special “heads-up” whif (when and if). Don’t hold breath. Two novellas want finishing and I’ve finally an editor to help get a full blown novel in front of publishers.

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