How to Read a Blogger – March 30, 2021

You mean, ‘How to read a blog’ don’t you? No.  It stands as titled: How to read a blogger. A blogger of any real skill puts more into a blog than words.  You may feel you feast simply on the words written, but there’s more to it than that.  Understanding this maximizes your enjoyment, education,Continue reading “How to Read a Blogger – March 30, 2021”

Circumstances – March 29, 2021

Um, long short flash. Fiction. Purely fiction. Been out of town for about thirty years. Really out of town.  Out of state. Out of the country.  Long enough if I didn’t have friends in high places, I’d have had serious problems getting back into the country. Long enough I’d learned an exotic new language. LearnedContinue reading “Circumstances – March 29, 2021”

In the News – March 28, 2021

Where most of it is destined anyway. Not all the good stuff or even all interesting stuff.  Just stuff that has bees in my bonnet. Middle Tennessee Moan, whine, bellyache.   Yep.  Again.  Or still.  All night long, rain and serious lightning.  Early evening yesterday, I was tending grill, believing the best (worst) of storms doneContinue reading “In the News – March 28, 2021”

Pay the Piper – March 27, 2021

See? I’m recycling my old images. “Had enough yet?” asked Mother Nature. “Yeah.  I think I’m gonna move,” I replied. “You’ve been talking about moving forever.” “I’ve not been around ‘forever.’” “No, indeed you have not.  That’s hyperbole for effect.” “You don’t need hyperbole.” “How’s that?” “Winter sleet.  Snow pellets.  Freeze-thaw. More snow. More freeze-thaw.”Continue reading “Pay the Piper – March 27, 2021”

Tomato Warnings – March 26, 2021

Tomato, tornado. A little back story More than ten years ago lightning struck our house.  Not much to speak of if you’re one with a wild imagination.  The house shook from the boom, but we’d heard more ferocious thunder in the past.  There was the briefest intense flash but not blinding in intensity. Meh. SoContinue reading “Tomato Warnings – March 26, 2021”

Casual Repartee – March 25, 2021

Innuendo. “You’re staring.” “Oh.  Sorry, Ma’am.” “Some men!” “Some women.” “What is that supposed to mean?” “No offense. Some women just have a natural appeal.  Classic beauty.” “Is that supposed to be flattery?” “No.” “What is it then?” “Not supposed to be flattery.  It is flattery.  You are a beautiful woman.  You should be usedContinue reading “Casual Repartee – March 25, 2021”

One Other Thing – March 24, 2021

Good neighbors work things out… “Appreciate you not working on your racecar evenings, Stan.” “Well, Bob, lose track of time. Didn’t mean to keep anyone awake.” “You’re pretty good neighbors.” “We try.” “You and your missus don’t yell at each other much lately either.” “Take it inside now.  Easier if she starts throwing things.” “What?”Continue reading “One Other Thing – March 24, 2021”

End of an Era – March 21, 2021

Well, things change. I guess that’s to be expected. Working to repair damages from the freakish winter storm here, I thought at Casa Spwilcen, we’d been smacked more than others.  Turns out that was not the case.  My first clue to the extent of damages was when I noticed the flood of panel trucks, pickupContinue reading “End of an Era – March 21, 2021”