One morning I woke up retired.

The genesis…

Over forty years’ work in IT determined it was finished with me. In ancient days, ‘programmers’ did it all, including real programming. Yes, that far back, before PMs, SMEs, Analysts as an identifiable skill, and so on. One more-or-less mastered many skills in the olden days. One skill was writing – for users’ guides and technical references.

Always an avid reader, writing seemed almost the same thing. While not easy or natural, the transition from technical writing to creative was enjoyable and ultimately, comfortable. The oak file cabinet to my left behind me in this picture holds almost fifty years’ creative genius. If you believe ‘genius,’ let me talk to you about a piece of swampland I have in the Sonoran Desert.

My intention

…is to salvage what I can of that file cabinet’s contents. When it is empty, I can get rid of it and finally relocate from the city back to the country.


What I write draws upon life experiences – the same high school and college years everyone had; a brief stint in the Air Force; a similarly brief tour with the Sheriff’s Department; many years of IT work around the United States; and any number of odd pseudo-careers filling-in gaps when things weren’t working-out quite right. You might conclude, my credentials are well short of MFA. You’d be correct. My qualifications, my life to this point, is no more, no less mundane than everyone else’s. That’s what I have to work with. When I can find it, might toss in a bit of imagination.

5 thoughts on “About

    1. Thanks for stopping in. If that don’t scare you off, you are really made of stout stuff. Stop to think on it, many parallels tween this wanderer ending-up in Tennessee and that one ending-up in Valencia? No? Maybe you’re better looking. Okay, smarter. Okay, taller. Okay, talented. Other than that, though…

      1. Always a pleasure SP. I don’t think I’m any of the above, just a simple Valenciano painter that likes to write words that rhyme, take photographs and write a blog. But there are some parallels anyways like our time in the military and police, I was also a DS for 30 years in Miami-Dade County…after retirement I returned home and I love it my friend. I don’t miss Miami at all but I do miss New York and New Orleans. Take good care and I hope you’ve a lovely weekend!

      2. You are too modest. Your life is an entertaining story. It would amaze, entertain, and enlighten many. Relax this weekend, saving your energies for an early start on your projects.

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