Short and Sweet – May 3, 2021

Pull up a couch. When did you first suspect your shadow disliked you?

Late last night I argued with myself.  That’s something of a hobby of mine.  Jokes about “conversation with an intelligent soul” aside, it’s a productive diversion.  Last night’s quandary?  Would I enjoy a bit of insomnia or pass quickly into the arms of Morpheus? 

That spirited debate was interrupted by thoughts of a creative format I used regularly in days past – working a site abandoned almost a year ago.  Don’t know why it came up, it just did.1  I made mental note to delve into the concept later and went back to arguing. Gotta love a good argument.

Early this morning, the concept presented as something of a two-bird stone. 

Now and again (oh brother!) we (fellow bloggers and I) brick wall.  Hence “reposts.”  Aside from cheating around the white-page (screen) syndrome, what struck me was the brevity of the form.   Non-bloggers will assume the briefer, the easier.  Not necessarily the case. Seldom, in fact, the case.  Tight and accurate posts on the short side are every bit as difficult as long-winded drones. Perhaps more difficult. But that brevity is key motivation to stop staring and start writing.

Two birds?  Yunh.  Readers like “short.”  I get it.  Okay. 

Since it strikes me as something worth revisiting you get to suffer. Here’s what I’m talking about –

Calipers, Blades, and Mallets

If your sorrow is heavy, ask for some help lifting.

Challenged to mind games, make sure you’re equipped.

You’ll have no friends if you can’t be one.

Pennyworth Philosopher or Nickle Philosophy

[‘Nickle Philosophy’ came to me as a “tag” yesterday.  Same thing, really, but owing to inflation…]

It’s difficult to remain a gentleman when the lady can’t recognize that’s what you’re trying desperately to be.

We’ve all faced this dilemma: what on earth are you going to do when the devil himself can’t choose and runs away from both the lesser and greater of two evils?

Say! Hey!  Interested to know if these abbreviated forms tickle your fancy.  Yunh, that’s a self-serving poke to get you to comment.  See if your keyboard works.

Oh.  As soon as the pillow got comfortable with my head last night, I was gone. Out like a light.  Insomnia got even in a small way, setting off some goofy internal alarm an hour and a half before normal reveille.

— Notes

1 Figured it out.  Yesterday’s post was a flashback.  A brief little romp.  Got me to thinking what might remain in “The Archives” to repost.

2 Past repost links of the type follow.  If you’re curious.  Won’t repost here. That would be a re-repost.  Not sure that’s legal. January 22 – Fits and Snatches, January 27 – Heat, January 30 – Lost in the Fog, and February 3 – Buckle-up Kiddies.

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8 thoughts on “Short and Sweet – May 3, 2021

  1. My keyboard is working. The great thing about having an argument or discussion with yourself is that one of you always wins.

  2. Oh this was fun reading!
    Shadow and I are interlinked so I know he doesn’t dislike me but he does like to run the roost if he’s left unsupervised and unconscious.

    1. Thank you for visiting. Allus good to understand when something is appreciated by intelligent life. I mean, left to work in isolation, well, you see what quite often results…

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