In the News – March 28, 2021

Where most of it is destined anyway.

Not all the good stuff or even all interesting stuff.  Just stuff that has bees in my bonnet.

Middle Tennessee

Moan, whine, bellyache.   Yep.  Again.  Or still.  All night long, rain and serious lightning.  Early evening yesterday, I was tending grill, believing the best (worst) of storms done with, watched lightning dance through the skies.  For a while no thunder, just dancing cloud-cloud and in-cloud lightning.  Scary stuff.  Like one of those Tesla coils. Thin, spidery, constant lightning.

Later, six-pm-ish, and until 4 am, constant, occasionally tremendous, house-shaking thunder accompanied about every fifth rumble with a light-the-whole-room flash of brilliant white.

Did I mention rain?  Almost six inches for the day.  A record.  Amber, Tornado, Severe storm, and flash flood alerts are mind-jarring.  Last night four, count’m four, flash flood warnings. We’re on quite high ground here at Casa SPWilcen.  But the rain is still a worry. This morning on my newsfeed I saw the interstates were flooded.  Flooded streets are scary anyway.  For the tales told of vehicles being swept away, and worse for the recounting of brainchildren who insist on driving through these temporary rivers.

I am reminded of the 2010 May flood.  That was a doozy.  It will take a few days for the upstream hills, creeks, and feeders to empty into the Cumberland River.  I wouldn’t expect this will be anything like that.  Hmm.  Memphis?  You expect this from the Mighty Miss.

Today, sunshine. Scattered clouds. Mostly sunny.  I hate that.  Not the sunshine.  The fact that it waltzes in the day after a deluge, like, “Hey kiddies!  Did you miss me? Here I am!  It’s all good now.” Kind of like the lover who announces the morning after that they forgive you and it’s all just peachy.  When you know in your heart-of-hearts you have done nothing requiring forgiveness.  Unless you consider your stupidity for finding yourself in that kind of relationship in the first place.

Suez Hydrodynamics

Okay.  What ding-dong didn’t know the limitations of the canal vis-à-vis the size of the phallic symbol he intended to test the itty-bitty waterway with?  Umm.  Isn’t there a Captain School or something?  Or is a certificate one of those two box-tops deals?  Sideways?  Seriously?  “Ugh. Tight squeeze. Maybe take a shot at it broadside – any fool can do it straight-on!”  Yeah, right, blame it on the wind.

San Diego Comic-Con

Gonna have an in-person convention Thanksgiving.  Whew!  I mean, yeah, that’s pretty important.  But not to me.  Not, I suspect, to very many real people.  People with actual lives. “Let’s dress-up in leotards like every other third person there, paint our faces, and act super sophisticated.”  Sure.  Sounds right.

(US) Midwest Land Rush

Lookit. We have surplus problems (not only, but for example meat and dairy) we cannot figure out how to equitably control.  Equitably? For the producer, for the (sigh) middlemen, and (it seems) a teensy bit for the consumer.  Uptick in government support.  (Okay, I’ll ask.  Why?)  Pay not to produce but if someone does produce, make sure they don’t lose their ass at market by, um, ah, subsidizing.  This flies in the face of supply and demand.  Well, get government involved…   Low interest rates. (Um, is that the government again?) Commodity prices (go figure) representing windfalls.  So, there’s a rush to buy land to farm which is driving land prices up. When it gets really tough, corporations with big money will be the big investors.  Deserved or not, corporate “farmers” have less than sterling reputations – for quality, earth-stewardship, and consumer-interests. Anybody see a “win” here?

I’ll be happy though, if I drive through the Midwest and see million-dollar homes built on prime farmland razed to plant wheat and corn, and soybeans. Fitting turn-about.

Near Earth Space

Earth is safe from Apophis for at least another one-hundred years.  I dunno about you but I’m running around with a whole lot of “Whew!”  Think about it.  Named after a deity so evil it goes up against Ra.  That’s wholesale bad juju. Lemme see, in a hundred years, I’ll be, oh, never mind.

Beaches on the Mediterranean

Lebanon.  Oil spill cleanup. Have we been here before?

NYC Happy Happy Happy

Or should be.  Legalize recreational Mary Jane?  Why not?  Alcohol is legal.  That’s worked out pretty good, huh?

Good Old Violence

The US sadly has no monopoly.  Myanmar. Bangladesh. Vancouver. Indonesia. California. Bristol, UK. Tigray, Ethiopia. (Oh. No. Wait. I’ll ask… Yes. Sorry.  California is still part of the US.)

I’m gonna take a pill and lie down.

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8 thoughts on “In the News – March 28, 2021

    1. Well I think it amusing. Someone should have known. Or suspected. And the Bajillions of dollars and Euros going down the toilet. Thanks for reading/commenting. Have a lovely evening. SP

  1. The captain thought that they were shouting,”Go, your tanker.” In fact it was,”Woah, you wanker.”
    You’ve had some doozy weather recently. Pleased to hear that Casa SP is still largely in one piece.

    1. Oh, I like that read! There’s a Hobbo ditty in that, just waiting for release (as is the container ship). Thanks for the thoughts. Tempted to climb into the truck and drive out to the lowlands to see how many fools tried to do a four-door swim. Nah. I got work to do. (Snicker.) I see *&^%&^ clouds heading this way. Thanks for yanking on my chain.

  2. I saw a report today on the tele about the flooding in Nashville, wow! Hope you get better weather SP! And the ship has been released but it may take a few days before the canal is back in working order, according to the latest news…

  3. I have not been on line to read my blogs (hey! that’s you!) but I just heard on a podcast The Suez Canal is unclogged and things flow again, a relief. Alas the violence continues.
    As for rain, please send some this way; I am heartily sick of sunshine.

    1. Contacted the WB. They say there’s “no way they can manage rain re-route.” I will start making telephone calls. Someone is responsible for this. I am after all, a tax payer!

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